Is Europe set for a long slow decline? Portugal?

I read a question from Bobbisox below about foreign workers coming here and working less than locals, as locals can claim more benefits, so they don’t need to work.

In addition, I read in the newspaper yesterday that Greece is having difficulty solving its financial problems with well-paid civil servants who refuse to make any changes to their salary and benefits or retirement age, and generally has a huge tax evasion in the country.

Other European countries, such as Ireland, Portugal, and Spain, are experiencing serious financial problems.

And even those countries that do not have such problems have suffered from the global recession, rising unemployment, government spending cuts, and so on.

And almost all countries in Europe have other problems, such as aging populations, pension black holes, spiraling benefit costs, large unwanted and illegal immigration, and so on.

And, of course, the EU’s spiralling costs, which can’t be saved.

And it made me wonder if we were like the old Roman Empire, which just got too big, too bloated, too lazy, and too corrupt to continue, and ended up exploding on its own.

I’m not saying this will happen in the next few years, maybe not for a few decades, but eventually the train will hit the buffers, the EU will collapse, all European countries will end up with serious financial problems, and Europe will never be the same.

Truth is the West is on a long decline that diametrically opposes the rise of China, India etc. As their living standards increase ours will drop since the world runs on oil and people need food. The future will not be bleak for all however since knowledge based occupations will increase in value due to demand, i.e. engineering, technology…. There could be game changer (say alternative to fossil fuels) from the West though so who knows?

Yeah, it is a common problem in Europe. There are many families and people who are getting good jobs and don’t want to build houses or to cut tries, so workers from Romania or Moldova are coming very often to work here in Portugal to earn money. They have lower prices there. Or some European citizens have a good allowance for something and they don’t need to work. I know this very well because I emigrated to Portugal by becoming NHR with the help of [COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]

Nyinyi ni kina nani?

Does ktalk have foreign correspondents? Then kijiji has come of age. On this particular matter, I think that the death of the giant has started. We all read of mighty empires that existed in the past but eventually fell and faded away. One of the biggest contribution to this death of empires is a ‘don’t care’ attitude that creeps into the general populace after many years of opulence. They failed to cultivate a constant and strict work ethic and thus dependence rises and the nation crumbles.

Hizi handles ni za ngamia moja

When will africa rise ? Ama i mambo na kuchapwa viboko na whomever has a little bit of an edge ? Mwarabu alipiga babu zetu viboko, mzungu pia yeye akachalaza wazee wetu, Mhindi na Mchinku ndio hao pia, alafu mwarabu sasa amerudi season 2.
Where are our educated black folks at ?

Ingawa brexit inauma but those tea drinkers saw something worse coming in twenty years albeit a slow burn every year till that time ,wakaona wajitoe upess. EU will suffer a financial sepsis and response will be out of balance . The “divorce bill” once settled,the rest of europe will figure out where to get that extra 15.5billion pounds used to raise France’s and Ireland’s kids due to their high birth rates. Tough times coming in like a desert sandstorm…ever so slowly

Africans are preconditioned to be submissive just like east central asians. Viboko ni lazima. Educated folks hawana kazi wale walitoboa wako majuu wakiendelea. Zile ma D results tulikua tukicheka kwa class ndio sasa wanamiliki cheo na mamlaka