Is Eric Omondi Gay?

I have noticed that in most of his comedy acts he likes acting like a female.

Hii sio mara ya kwanza

Gay thinking @Jirani. Why should you be concerned with the sexuality of other men?




Explain this

OH GOD!:eek:

He is working on a new video of how to be vera sidika. How is he gay?


Even ‘‘Shaniqua’’ does the same and he is not gay

well wtf. trannies everywhere. broken men

These cross-dressing comedians are sickening.

Damn…na hio show ya hawayuni was a big flop! Anyway…more power to him!

But this shaniqua character…hahahahaha he is too good to just be faking it…aaaaiiiii

He takes the thing too far. He ain’t funny anymore.

Sasa ukisema Eric omondi, na shanikwa je?

You’ve got to be the biggest faggort to be gosping about another man’s sexuality. Eric is an entertainer and sometimes he plays female personas, that’s his job, that’s how he became a millionare and a celebrity while most of you wankers are broke and unaccomplished!