Is English a measure of intelligence Noo

Unbelievably true.

People who can’t construct a sentence in their language shame others for not being able to speak English. The dream of many Africans is to be white and they even shame each other for not being white enough.


Wewe Peleka Makasiriko Mbali… Jungus All the Way!!!

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Ni kama muhindi alikuitisha mkia na English. Peana tu


Umesahau ume log in na handle gani


Construct this paragraph using kiluhya, why use English?

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Hehe, kuna mujamaa alitusiwa hajui kizungu na ile vita alitoa hapo wacha tu. Aliona nikama ameambiwa yeye hakusoma na ni mjinga…

Communication in any language is one indicator of intelligence which impacts learning abilities.

The reasons are obvious a white person introduced a better comfy life.

Muhindi aliambia yeye wafula chora saba ama nifukuze wewe enda lima tope

Not true. The most intelligent people had trouble with languages in childhood or other forms… From Einstein, and Newton to other famous scientists.

Autistic people have challenges with communication and there is a high correlation between high intelligence and being autistic…

I found those who study communications as an art to have an average intelligence though.

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One among many indicators is what I said

Learning a new language when you are a grown up is not easy. Yani uwe fluent kabisa.

This was on my mind on that thread about Kenyan YouTubers content especially wakifika majuu