Is Diamond a Muslim?

Yes he is. What I don’t get is how he can be conducting driving tests on so many women yet that’s forbidden in Islam. A Muslim is not supposed to taste a woman who is not his wife and knowing how fanatical they are about their religion, that is something to be taken seriously. Even if you flout the Qur’an’s teachings you shouldn’t do it openly. The more important question follows - how does a Muslim know the right woman to marry if he can’t test her wares prior to tying the knot?

Meanwhile, Christians, atheists, scientologists, Buddhists among others let’s test drive as much as we can.

@Riva mbona umelike na speed hivyo?

You’re right…

Muslims also discovered sex is sweet ,kwanza madem wao hua wanagawa kugawa nowdays …hii mambo ya kungoja till marriage halafu unapata mtaro or a small penis hua haileti shangwe

Hizo closing paragraphs za @Mworia Wameru hunibamba sometimes…otherwise mambo vipi? Bado unawaroga?

Is it? Cause niko na huyu friend of mine na hakuna dema hajapitia mtaa…

Are you a Muslim?

This ninja is mcooshite. check his name slowly and carefully. it reads "Mworia wa meru ( woria from meru

We do not discriminate in this village.