Is Cytonn the new FEP

Have these people finished any of the multitudes of projects they deal with?

Fep ni dawa ya ukedi?

@grandpa,hiyo mapema yote na hii baridi kwani unafanya kazi gani you wake up that early?

haha…hapana. This

It’s an invesment company. You give them you money(minimum 1million), they invest it for you and then pay you back with an interest. I think they advertise 18pc per annum

Hahaha…I always wake up at 4-5am.

Those are good returns if they are guaranteed.

How can they guarantee an interest rate when all they have are big projects that remain uncompleted. I.e. How can you pay me back when there is no single project you’ve completed but are just rather just only announcing big projects. Where is the money to pay me back coming from.

Same case with FEP. A few years ago, they said a 1m investment just before 2010 will turn into 600M by 2016…lol…But with FEP I understand it may be extreme especially with places where you see pastors being advisories to a financial institution :D:D:D:D

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Cytonn do not only do real estate. So the premise that they only get money after selling off a project is false. As well, when did they start their projects? Has any of them stalled/failed? Centum has not finished Two Rivers yet they paid Kes. 1B in bonuses & dividends. Are you asking the same about them?

They do not only invest in the real estate projects… They also have cash management etc where they invest in government securities and other “assured returns”. The 18% varies though


Infact there are REITs. Completion is not the only game. Also government debt…etc Assets are many and a return of even 25% P.A is realizable.

Cytonn and Transcentury are both cut from the same cloth…both are heavily politically affiliated…Transcentury offers a good case study for one to read and analyse cytonn’s future.

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18% when treasury bills are giving 9% is suspect.

18% when treasury bills are giving 9% is suspect.