Is civil unrest coming to Kenya?

[SIZE=5]Two prophetesses bring forth a similar message to Kenya unless the people change, doom is imminent.[/SIZE]

Kamau you are late. Truman brought us this findios 50 years ago. Hihihihi

i was expecting to see wikileaks ya George Soros kumbe ni prophetess

Makena unasumbua

We know your handwriting…(Namen nicht erwähnen)

Probably @TrumanCapote has posted this before but there is a reason I posted it in the news & politics section.

Ikuje we are ready to die standing than to live kneeling

Hawa wakuje niwakamue

civil unrest will come because of the economic meltdown the country s going to witness

@KamauLM habari bro

By now, everyone should be aware that some things can never happen in Kenya, with the current breed of ‘me, myself, and I’ Kenyans.

Yes, it is coming very soon!!

Niko poa kabisa!!

As long as watu wameshiba hakuna action, lakini wakijipata siku kadhaa bila chakula itakuwa balaa!!

Very few Kenyans have the time or the brain RAM space to question why anything is the way it is or even want to understand why something is the way it is. May be less than 10% of kenyans

A divine SOS of looming unrest from a chubby prophetess?

Very true. Take the example of Msako [where police move around at night arresting innocent people]. Most kenyans have no idea how a proper police force is supposed to operate.

No national police force ever works well for a nation whether it’s Haiti, Ukraine or Nigeria these organizations are there to protect the state and not the people. Only devolved/territorial police forces work for the people.

Unamanga Manga usiku kama simba simba kwa nini?

Enda ulale

Sugarcoating a failing economy, people have lost businesses and jobs. Trying to divert from the real problem by changing the face of currency and changing constitution. Yet the hard times are still to come, when we are supposed to start paying for the loans. Throw in that recipe the stupid politics being played and you will see where we are headed. Time to reckon is here my friends, our leaders have played a part but the new constitution is also to blame.