Is China the next colonialist for developing countries like Kenya?

the US and UK will give you money but will want you to employ their expatriates to run what the money is implementing and repatriating the money back to their countries

They used to give money alone and the contracts were given to Biwott and Jirongo and the likes.

Was the project competitively tendered?

You have a point, though I think the SGR was a good arrangement where they loan will be serviced by revenues generated from the project.

“Willing slave”, willing master. Our (African) leaders though are our biggest undoing.

So if I were to follow @M2Random perspective then China has colonized the US…

Yea. If you infer the criteria he used, then tuko pamoja na USA kwa makwapa ya China

I dont think the Chinese give preconditions to money loaned to the US. Most of US debt is owned by the Chinese, sure…but it is in the form of bonds, not syndicated loans for specific projects. That way, the Chinese do not have a say in how the money is used…they simply invest in the bonds. The Chinese dont invest in government paper for poor nations.

What would happen if china threatened/bluffed to dump say 50%of those bonds on the open market. Somehow shaina has most by the balls

What if they recalled those paper? I guess things would be elephant for the US,wouldn’t they?

But they dont. The debts Kenya owes the Chinese, and the debt Americans owe the Chinese are different. Americans have good debt, we have bad debt because ours is in the form of direct loans with retrogressive preconditions that ensure that the Chinese implement the contracts they finance.