Is buying a second-hand car such a risky affair?

After kuona hii project, balls zimeshrink. How can one avoid such pitfalls, especially kama gari ni second hand?

Low milage to YOM correlation, long period without maintainance. Glaring body alterations such as a shiny new headlamp on one side, paint and i mean low quality paint easily identifiable especially in the engine bay, rickety car shaking body or chassis, relatively newer critical components than others such as new dashboard and interior yet the seats look older.

Ps. You need to have had a hands on experience in the motor indurstry to elude such occurences that is why there are reputable dealers who can get you quality second hand vehicles

Where and/or who?

Simply raise the vehicles on a hoist ama enda kwa service pit ya petrol station. Check for out of the ordinary welds and excess filler. Check the alignment of body panels against one another. Gari kama hip hapo juu hakuna vile Omosh atanyorosha mpaka panels zirudi sawa sawa.

makanika msoori atanusa atajua gari ni nosecut

Si ushajua ni nissan note ya blue. Just avoid

Been happening …ama ni miaka yako iko under list

Hii biashara ya salvage was good back then, lakini sasa vile ilianikwa social media people became careful. Gari kama hii imejaa tu filler ndio first give away. Tafuta mechanic akuoneshe how to spot fillers kwa gari.

Na gari kama hii vibrations will be over the roof ikipita 100km hr limit.