Is Botswana overrated?

I was just seeing a video of its Capital City Gaborone, it looks deserted and is full of vibandas even within the city center something unseen in Nairobi. The only missing thing is hawkers. I thought for a capital city of such acclaimed country in Africa we should be seeing heaven like whatever.

Mukale mujinga nitafutie kitu swaffi Iten

:D:D:D:DHa ha ha! I come from Sotik constituency Bomet County not Iten

Niambie siri ya kupata kienyeji mukale nimechoka na hizi za kitui

This is a country where everyone over 65 years is given equivalent of ksh4500 monthly, most streets in the estates are paved and a shoe cobbler can afford a second hand BMW 320i and above that they got the hottest bitches this side of the sahara.
In short the govt is rich enough to afford its citizens a decent lifestyle.

It looks like Kenya in the 70s. There is an advantage to that though since the trajectory is just shooting upwards.

Also, it is less congested than most African cities which is an advantage especially if you want affordable homes.

Saa hizi ukinunia ka-ploti huko karibu na CBD utanikusha kitungu in the next few years.

hakuna siri yakupata madem wakale,ata pale campus wote walikua wanadate kale dudes,wenye wamechanuka kama pinkie chebet wanauza kuma

Why is Botswana acclaimed? The western media parrot that narrative because Botswana has given their companies free access to natural resources.

What is the size of Botswana economy? it is less than 20B Dollars. Granted, they have a population of less than 3M.

Botswana is beautiful. Achana na Gaborone. kuna nice places kama Maun, Kasane etc… Ndovu ni mob ata kwa town and the girls there aki ya nani ni warembo

Nitafutie shamba ya kulima ngano hapo Bomet.Acre 50 nitakuwa murwa na sitawai tusi wewe tena

Usijaribu hii kalejinga will raid you time ya election after Arap mashamba loses. You will lose everything.

Lakini ile ukedi iko huko naskia ni konki fire.

Kabisa!!! Lakini I can’t blame them, hiyo urembo yaaaaaani unajipata tu umegamble na luwere

:D:D Mngwana, mbona you sound as though you are willing to risk it all tayari? I do not find southern african women fine maze sijui kwa nini labda ni kuhofia luwere and also sipendi lightskins.

Don’t forget they sponsor all students even those studying abroad…all you have to do is choose a course then pack and go. No other African country can afford that, not even south Africa

Their GDP per capita is more than 4 times ours, and has been on a sharp upward trajectory. Doesn’t sound like a country that’s giving away its natural resources

There is a reason Botswana has no kunguru’s online looking for something to eat. True development is not fancy buildings but having citizens living dignified lives


Diamond, gold and coal exports have been increasing as well. The largest mining company, Debeers, has all its trading operations in London.
Botswana imports 80% of its electricity from SA despite producing huge amounts of coal, which it exports. Why does it have unemployment rate of 40% despite high GDP per capita?

hapo umeongea ukweli mtupu.

Botswana is larger than Kenya but population yake yote ni kama half of Nairobi, around 2.3m people. Na most of the country ni green na productive. Cattle ni mob sana, big industry huko. Roads si mbaya sana, generally iko tu sawa kuishi