Is Bill Gates former wife a true definition of an alpha female

Consider this:

Bull Gates was a programmer, and like any other programmers they sacrifice their social life to be able to succeed and be the best in the coding world.

Meanwhile, her future wife mileage inaongezwa akitombwa left right. When this woman is done with the fuack boys and is getting out of the dating world with a high mileage she finds a rich successful beta male who she wouldn’t have looked at twice in her younger years but because currently he got money, she marries him.

Bill Gates on the other hand like any other programmer nerds is a sex starved male having spent his younger years in front of a computer the whole day with little to no social life. He becomes successful but finds a high mileage wife who has been fuacked thoroughly in her younger years and most have had countless abortions.

Modern women dating strategy

A modern woman’s dating strategy is whore and have fun with the fuack boys when you’re young. Get out of the dating world and marry the successful males who had been working hard. Meanwhile ditch the fuack boys who you were busy whoring with and let them hustle and suffer in poverty. And this beta male will not know your whoring history of course and he will think ameangukia mali safi.

Once you secure this rich successful beta male give him some scrappy sex once in a while. Meanwhile have some gym guy or coworker or any other unsuccessful male but who is good with women and not a nerd to cheat with. And once the beta male husband’s time is up, divorce him and get half of his wealth.

To be honest comparing Melinda to common gold diggers is kinda pushing it and really not fair. Bill took Melinda in when there were literally a handful of employees at Microsoft I think she was his secretary back then but Microsoft was still rather small. They’ve been married for 27 years and known each other for about 34 years that is longer than some of the age of bonobos here. Within that time period she also gave him three kids and made many investments together with him. Cmon man you can’t throw someone like that under the bus.

There was an article I read two weeks ago concerning a billionaire’s meeting chaired by Bill. But the guy was depressed throughout and at the end of it all practically had tears forming due to his ex wife. Not every wife is a gold digging lanye

Bla bla bla , bill was seeing his first girlfriend even it was in their prenup agreement , and the first girlfriend was married and the omusakulu who married her had to suck it up as she went to vacay with gates twice a year (probably he simulated his softwares to know the exact time she wasnt on periods).
In short bill is an alpha .you don’t know wat you are babbling about.
Did he complain or became suicidal like one chifubitika after divorce?

The only alpha female nafahamu is found in the hyenas clan matriarch. She leads in times of war and hunt and does all the breeding.

Hii ingine ya Mwanamke kuitwa alpha female Hapana, may be kwa chama na gangs za umaraya.

And FYI this is a meffi post

Malisa huyo kijana who has undescended testicles. Sisi tunatambua tu Matriarch with a pseudo-penis. During greetings, hyenas would stand parallel to each other and sniff or lick the erect penis or anal scent gland :D[SIZE=3] (Jimit likes this)[/SIZE]

Hakuna kitu kama alpha female

Maybe you should have called Oprah not Melinda Gates alpha female. Oprah is self made billionaire unlike Melinda who was made rich by her husband.

Kanguthu wacha speech za ujinga. Inamisha mkundu vile umezoea utombwe ni bwanako @Wanaruona . Hizi speech zako andika kwa foolscap usomee @Wanaruona akimaliza kukutomba mkia. Funda wewe.

Oprah ni tasa , barren hakuna kitu mbaya kama hio kwa mwanamke

Expecting cheque ya kakuzi iive Leo, so fumigate, sanitize, jik or do the hell you do to clean your mdomo bakuli as long as its clean when we meet over the weekend uninyonye mboo.

Ghaseer maraya

:D:D:D:D maneno ya matajiri si mwachie matajiri. Imagine kuita Bill Gates sex starved? Unajua kweli Bill Gates mama yake alikuwa mtu mkubwa IBM na baba yake alikuwa a name partner in one of the top law firms in USA. Huwa mnanichekesha sana huna aibu kuongea haya maneno na unaishi Jogoo Road.

And funny enough there’s nothing as a beta or alpha. But anyway people who describe others as alpha or beta have deep underlying issues.

Mjamaa tulikubaliana usiniweke kwa your chokosh wars

Amechoka kutomba

Mlikubaliana na nani? Mbwa wewe.

Oprah is not barren, she got a baby in her poverty years and gave out for adoption. She is child free not childless.

Well said, lakini melinda met bill when he was a billionaire already and MS had already blown up. I’m Not taking anything away from her tho.

bullshit that is fake news and she had an abortion/miscarriage she never gave birth

And who the fuck are you to tell us who to discuss ? If we discuss God who is immortal what about a mere man who eats and shits like all mammals? The same way maggots deals with a dead billionaire is the same way they deal with a peasant like you or even better it’s the same way they deal with a dog.

Whatever makes you sleep at night…

In a dimly lit bedsitter.