Is alcohol the key to poverty ?

Peter is those village fundis, I can see him standing by the roadside wearing an oversized shirt, baggy faded blue jeans , that kakofia of dumu zaz kale kamebeat mbaya, n some oversize sport shoes zile za Mia tatu …he is pocketing conversing with mwangi the village plumber who is siting on his two wheel an old dayun motorbike …mwangi looks healthy n is occasionally receiving calls , guess most of the deals are bouncing off …

So Peter is this guy ukimpa kazi leo umulipe atalewa kulewa na kesho he won’t report till he drinks to the last coin …he has a petite young wife who I give job za kufua n I swear that bitch got a tight pussy seem Peter ameshidwa na kazi juu ya pombe haramu …

Having a hard time finding a hekaya here, anyone?

Zoom down on eating Kamaus wife. Make a hekaya of at least two thousand words and post it here


The door to poverty is always open. They can’t afford a key.