Is a Ksh 300,000 salary enough to live in Nairobi for a family of 3?

Life ya ocha sijagongana nayo vizuri but huwa naitamani kiasi yake.

Usijali…ina time yake.
Ina vituko vyake but the peace and tranquility, relaxed environment, fresh air clean environment bana ni therapeutic boss…but kama weh ni msee vituko kiasi hutapenda…news travells fast…but it has it pleasures…which if not checked can lead you down an abys…pombe na wanawake inabidi una pima kabisa ama uwachane tu nazo.

Mimi sijawahi taste alcohol and women sio priority. Niko planteshen. Napenda peace…Hio environment ya ocha inaweza nijazz.

That’s crazy.35 is also the number of brain cells he has


Address inabaki Uncle Sam, unaeza amua kubuy apartment za Ngara.

Then rent it or make it an airbnb, or live in it.

Net imesemekana ni 210, 220 utatoa wapi

210-25= 185 mkubwa. I guess you can save 100k


Net is relative, Usha wai ona keja za prison?

It depends on if you rent or own. I wouldn‚Äôt consider a home owner bringing in 300k a ‚Äúpeasant‚ÄĚ because he lives in Runda. In fact there are several making less than that figure who live there.

How do you become a homeowner in Runda on 300k a month? Impossible unless ni inheritance

There are one-hit wonders. Some people fell on a ka deal( tenderpreneur) on the job, the first thing they bought was a house in Runda, then the manna disappeared.

Stop arguing for the sake of arguing. Such people are few and far between.

Wako and quite a few. You people just make a lot of assumptions, based on what you hear. It’s like life on the other side of the mountain. It’s only nowadays those prices are exhorbitant. But in many parts of Runda, Kitisuru, Karen….you will find doctors and lawyers, living there.

Then make more.

Mkuu hapa umetuchocha 15k hakuna kitu unaeza fanya nayo hiyo ni ya bachelors banae

Na ujue hiyo hujainclude miselleneous kama pombe na wanawake

Think Big …
Become a shareholder Hustler …
Riggy Gee will set you up with a DOD tender to supply vegetables to the Military …
Then hookup with small farms in Central for the produce …
Thank me later when you get your first cheque …:grin::grin: