irrational fear?

Sometimes back I saw this picture of a snake in a toilet…

Since then, I have have had this growing fear that some reptile could be lurking in the bowl and bite my valuables in the morning as i do my number two ritual…I discovered this morning that the fear is getting to be a major concern, bordering on an obsession, that is making my seating on the throne a very anxious experience. do you think it’s time i sought some therapy to exorcise the bother or it will go away with time? have you ever experienced this kind of stress?

Looks like an unnecessarilly elaborate shit.

And, yes Gashwin. Shitting is one of the few reliefs that we as humans get every day. Respect it and get over your fear. Or install those fragrances that you stick to the inside of the bowl. Ukipata imeanguka, kuna nyoka.


I once saw a horror movie of a snake in a swimming pool. Nowadays before I get in the pool I have to do some analysis to ensure thst there are no reptiles.


Now after looking in the toilet, look at the ceiling


@gashwin when you can not shit in peace in your own house,its time to call in the brigades. I do not think that your fear is irrational. You just need it explained to you.
A man need peace when dropping his piece of shit


I’ve heard that they can slither through ground level plumbing.

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fear those slithery niggas as well

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Mimi ndio naogopa snakes jameni. Nikilala lazima kwanza niinue pillow zote moja moja. After that episode when i went flying over the workdesk and injured the tree, i also tack in the net at night. Inspecting the bowl before i seat is a must. Your fears are warranted bro.




@Wakanyama kuna kazi hapa.

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Sewage rats are what you should be worried about. Those buggers can crawl through the plumbing and get into your house via the toilet

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hehe Good morning @Nefertities

These are the type of people who shit on the floor 1 foot away from the latrine hole.

Bure kabisa.

:D:D:D:D hi

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I witnessed that a number of times.

he he…trust you!


One day u will feel something poking your delicates while seated on the hole, and i bet my plantain farm, you will join us hapo three feet from the shimo.



hii fear haikuanza bure; over a period of around five months I would run into at least one a week some in the house where I stayed back then, some on the bathroom sink, some I would accidentally step on the road while walking. I even thought they had a meeting and I was pre destined to die by snake bite. Not a single day passes without me thinking about them, I check under the seats, bed, I do not allow clothes to cluster in the house sababu I once found one among them even though it was a different residence