Irony of Miguna letter to Jakom

It took about 8 month for NRM general miguna miguna to know they were taken for a ride in the name of electoral justice. Miguna accuses former PM for playing personal interests. The reason he is attacking jakom is not because jakom joined jubilee but because “jakom did not repair his house, jakom did no conduct bring back miguna, jakom did not pay miguna’s lawyers ect’” these are “country’s interest” not personal interest

Where’s the letter :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

jokom is a political genius

My “sediments” exactly

Who’s jokom?
Sounds like something nasty.

I’ve never understood politians, and sadly I might never understand them. Miguna authored a Raila-defaming book, and expected Raila to work with him? If every politician wrote a book about backstabbing, we wouldn’t have enough libraries and bookshops to stock those books.

Interestingly, I’ve not heard Raila mention Miguna even when Miguna was arrested and deported. I am even suspecting that Raila had a hand in Miguna’s deportation. Someone who goes to great lengths to write a defamatory book and reveal secret conversations, is not to be trusted. He might even be a spy.

But I like Miguna. I wish he and I had bottomless pocketfuls of money so that he would give politicians a run for their money.

But what do I know? Lemme keep goals, it’s what I’m good at.

“”“]I’ve never understood politians, and sadly I might never understand them…”
Here’s an idea STFU on politics already nv.

Onyiso umepewa kiti?

Henceforth i shall hunt down your posts and dissect them with the precision of a Laser Cutter. Welcome to my enemy list and congratulations for securing the first slot.

They are both jokers with misplaced sense of entitlement.