Irony of Life

Cancer is no joke. Sad that Tsvangirai might not live to enjoy the fruits of the liberated Zimbabwe he’s fought so hard for over the years. But Kudos to the new leadership, they went to visit him yesterday.

Sad, just sad.

Dang ! ! ! ! What type of cancer is he ailing from.

Colon cancer…

Wah!!! Afadhali ukedi bana.

No wonder ameisha hivyo, flashing your colon regularly is highly recommended.

Cause of cancer is life and everything in it . Sad .

Hakuna ugonjwa ambao ni afadhali. Hata malaria inaua watu.

Weh , lakini cancer iko level yake pekee yake . Most diseases ni foreign viruses or bacteria doctors can pinpoint where it attacks and the way to treat … cancer ni inbuilt technology , one minute it’s here , next minute there , one minute it’s gone , next minute it’s back .

cancerous cells zinakula red blood cells

Man, kama ingekuwa ni hapa kwetu ungeskia rumors mtu amekulishwa mercury.

waah si uyo msee ameisha walai…cancer si joke…ikikupata we tafuta tu pesa ya matanga
sasa nani atabakia akimumunya hii kunguru?

I lost my mother through colon cancer. Not a joke. Unaona vile mtu anaenda yet you can’t do anything about it. Hapo ni kuaccept na kuprepare for the known eventuality.

Pole kwa kupoteza mama. Ferk cancer.

Walai siku inanipata am not going to cut corners. Its like fighting a losing battle

I’m so sorry for your mom’s passing. How old was she at the time of diagnosis? Because if she was less than 50 years there’s a good chance she had the hereditary type. Which means you should start getting screened for colon cancer 10 years before her age at diagnosis. For instance, if she was 45, you and your siblings must get colonoscopies by age 35 without any delay. The 2 most common inherited colon cancer syndromes are HNPCC (Hereditary Nonpolyposis colorectal cancer) and FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis). I hope you never have to face such a medical diagnosis but it’s good to be on the safe side.

Two of my good friends, I consider them my big sisters are facing death from metastatic cancer. One has breast cancer the other one throat cancer. They had been treated and declared ‘in remission’ only for it to come back with a vengeance, metastasis to the brain and lungs. My heart is filled with profound sadness when I see their suffering and their young kids and husbands but they are both cheerful and optimistic in the face of death. I believe some glad day soon, cancer will be no more. God will wipe our tears away.


In the month of 1st December 2017, I had a friend who lost his dad to colon cancer. He was 68 years old at the time of dying. For him, he had been admitted at Nairobi West hospital for close to 3 weeks culminating in further tests whose results the doctors wanted to use to refer him for further treatment in India. However when the result came, the doctors determined that the old man was too weak to travel and that he probably wasn’t going to make it alive when flying across the borders. They had to to tell both the patient and his family that the old man was going to die. Good thing, they were ready and accepted fate as it came. He breathed his last a day later in the morning.

Are you a doctor missus

Thanks alot. She was 58. Reading your post has given me the chills. I will definitely go for screening irrespective. I also have a history of piles, is there any relation between the two?

Don’t be afraid, knowledge is power. She was very young at 58 years only. It takes an average of 7 years for a colon polyp to turn into a cancer cell with metastatic potential. For hereditary colon cancer, only 3-5 years.
There’s no correlation between piles and cancer, however their symptoms can overlap with each other for example, rectal bleeding, which can make someone assume it’s the piles when perhaps something more ominous may be cooking.
Just get it over with, it’s a quick easy procedure! :slight_smile: I’m scheduled for an upper and lower endoscopy on the 31 st of this month, because I had heartburn and want to be sure everything is ok.