Irony Is: Loot All Talking about Corruption

And btw which frens is he talking about ? Obado? Which relatives? His Sis alikula pesa ya wakulima ?

He is laughing at us

Ooh the irony:D

This is what happens when you put a Fisi to be a judge ya Mbuzi…

He without sin can cast the first stone. Cc. @123tokambio.

Mimi niko na Emery kufa kupona…ATID…

This is the man we voted most corrupt talking to corrupt

People should get off their high horses! Ruto may be corrupt just the same way as a majority, nay, all Kenyans are…Wakenya wote ni wezi tu only that some have not gotten the chance/opportunity of accessing & dipping their dirty fingers into the taxpayer’s purse.

These wasafi kama pamba pretenders in here remind me of the saying that when we point out the imperfections & flaws in others, three fingers are pointing back at us to remind us that the imperfections we are pointing out are also in us.

So who will bell the cat? He has a far more powerful seat to deal with corruption than me. He has the entire instruments of power and fire power at his disposal

Afadhali nitupe kura yangu na watu kama Alfred Mutua or others who have never been adversely mentioned in negative things.

Negros don’t have the moral character to be as self aware as you. If they did their countries wouldn’t be such shithole. They will condemn a man for stealing a loaf of bread when they have stolen millions and not see the the hypocrisy. Negros cannot be reasoned with