Iranians reverse engineer a lamborghini Murcielargo

Nyinyi mnaendelea kudinyana na kulia lia colonialism, Mara chinese are taking over Africa.

Hata barabara lazima mchina ama mzungu awatengeneze.

Pole mzungu. We apologize for keeping you and forcing you to be here.

If this was in Africa the lamborghini would have been made out of boxes na mabati and we would have hailed the creator as a genius.

Nywele ngumu wana akili ngumu labda watengeneze mishale

Negro unasumbua. Reverse engineering anything is not and will never be an achievement. Brarry ngombe ya Gaza…

Of all the machines they could have reverse engineered, this is what they settled on?

Reverse engineering should strictly be for things like state of the art radar evading jet fighters, military drones, missile defence systems etc.
Why bother re engineering a road car, is it really worth it?

The big question is, can they win a lawsuit against Lamborghini? That is the million dollar question, and depending on the answer, they are either sitting on a goldmine or a very large white elephant. Some of the richest people have made fortunes selling knock-offs of luxury goods, like Amancio Ortega with Zara. If they can dodge/win a lawsuit, this is gold.

Sasa unasema nini single mother

Lawsuit against Iranians who are already under sanctions?..I think they are past caring

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lazima ukue vaccinated from tetanus kabla uingie ndani yahii rust bucket,w_680/fl_lossy,pg_1,q_auto/gu0qd7texuf8gatykpsy.jpg

As long as they’re not selling their cars as if they were originals. The buyer knows they are a copy. Its when the seller claims they are originals where it becomes illegal. Notice there is no logos/emblems and the like.The name Murcielago on the door sill means “bat” just like corolla is the petal of a flower thats the design name(which anyone can have it on their car) of the brand.Counterfeit doesn’t really apply here really.Anything with functionality as far as i’m aware cannot be copyrighted for shape"Trade Dress" as known in intellectual property circles.You can buy Mazda 3 grille but its not from Mazda without the logo . Otherwise there could only be one refrigerator, toilet, faucet manufacturer for example.

There are only so many Iranians who can buy Lambos.

Ferking Nissan Altima. Many of these fake Murcies.

I don’t blame them though since this is the best sounding V12 Lamborghini have ever made. By the time I own one they’ll be costing $700,000 to a million easy for the manual transmission model.