Iranians high tail it

Looks like Iran will be dragged into this war too. There’s lots of money to be made. Weapons manufacturers and dealers are going to make a killing.

Uncle Sam It’s time Democracy was brought to Iran and the Iranians freed from suffering :blush:


Boy wa Putin Niko nyuma ya mzito ayatollah.
Hapana tambua americunt homosexual.
We are in a multipolar world. American homosexual hegemony is dead. One war and we relegate them to history books as one of the last empire to collapse.


The attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag operation


You’ve pierced the veil bro :fire:

I like your blunt message about about the United Snakes of Apartheid. Their global influence has waned due to gender confusion among other ills

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America can’t attack iran Russia will be too happy to run a proxy on them just like they are doing in Ukraine advise to third countries stay out of their rivalry

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I dare the americunts attack Iran . Even bonobos like uwesmakende the poor pretending ako nyuma ya what will suffer terribly as cost of living skyrockets to high heavens . Bei ya mafuta itapanda to mars

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A third of all exported oil passes through the hormuz strait

Msito Trump si alikanyaga Qasem Soleimani? What did Iran do? They fired a few rockets into the Iraqi desert (in frustration) alafu wakasema ni hivyo, wamelipishia Soelimani. The truth is wanajua a direct confrontation with US it’s a guarantee watatandikwa. Nobody wants a war with US unless it’s the last resort.