Iranian Drones suddenly in high demand after their outstanding performance in Ukraine

The previously overhyped meffi Bayraktars have fallen out of favour after Russian air defence shot down Ukraine’s entire stock. Sahii Shahed-136 (Geran-2) ndio kusema. The thing flies leisurely towards its target while the Ukropigs desperately try to shoot it down with AK-47s :D:D:D
Iran is set to transfer an even more potent version of its sucide drones to Russia in the next few weeks. You know what that means, right? The squealing will be several notches louder.

Sahii Ukraine wakiskia sauti ya engine inanguruma karibu nao wanaanza kunyamba na ku-sweat.

Smart Russians, cheap & effective technology. they now have to work on their precision systems which should be easy because they have satellite infrastructure in place

iyo syllabus ya Iran iletwe huku bonobos wakue innovative

Lakini bado unakula chapo za Zelenskyy. Na ndunya na sambusa. Na mkate ya Akeyda na broadways kutoka Kyiev.

Umeketi hapo kwa cyber. Leo hujiskii chapati. You want ile keki inauzwa kwa bucket na tudame flani na chai iwekwe kijiko moja na nusu ya sukari. Usikoroge sana imwagikie keyboard. Ongezea chai ijae vizuri.

Kisha unaanza, “Nipatie uma sio kijiko. Aki ya nani hii keki ya leo imeweza. Hii ngano ni very high quality. Haifurishi tumbo. Ni ya Laikipia ama ni ya wapi? But anyway you know Putin needs to hurry up. He needs to liberate Ukraine from usurpers. He has to bring freedom to Ukraine just like America in Iraq.”

Ati squealing will be several notches louder? Hurumia akina @ndume, @hakimoto ,@FlashG and @rexxsissy


Where the fuçk is Kenya when countries are getting cool toys?

They should allow private birrionea kama mimi to be buying such stuff kama wao hawataki.

Anu,s fvckers USA thought they have monopoly of vayolens.

Ukraine ndio ilikuwa inataka kulimwa.

we were buying scrap jets from arabs and archaic choppers from Russia

Yep. At the cost of new ones.

I mentioned here that the western countries were opening a Pandora’s box when they started supplying kamikaze drones and by extension armed drones to Ukraine, especially UK, Germany and Turkey. Notice how the US avoided supplying such. Now there’s no way they’ll complain of the bitter taste of their own medicine. Katambe!

Theirs are inferior to these Iranian ones. Their much hyped Switchblades turned out to be just hot air

They gave them a fancy name ati loitering munitions but ni ile ile. Switchblades carry a warhead of 3kgs. Putin akabuy za Iran with 10 times the payload:D:D
Let the loud squeals begin.

BTW these ones cost 20k USD and you can get 250 of them at the cost of one Bayraktar.
Very effective weapons

It’s all fun and games until terrorists get a hold of those drones

am very impressed with Iran, despite sanctions wanauzia superpower competent weapons. mwanwhile sikilia hapo Putin wacha hao Ukainians warudi Somalimode . chapa hizo energy plants zote

Terrorism needs politics. Optics. You know you can do something so bad hadi your followers leave you.

For example Osama had to first verify that very few muslims will die before he strikes. Also you don’t want to kill too many kids. Also you can’t use nukes or bioweapons because it might easily come back to you.

The proposals are usually very crazy. There was a guy who wanted to tie rotating blades to lorries then mow down Europeans on a busy street but his superior or terrorist boss akasema hapana, hio itaharibu reputation yetu. We want to appear to be classy sadists. So where would drones fit in?

Wadau kuna chama na Kula. Na weza nunua a few Iranian drones. I donate to KDF. Hao ghasia KAZI ni kuangalia Meno na tingisharing their kinyambis when matching.

Iran hapa wamecheza rough design ingine noma banae. Ati suicide drones … yaani release and forget. Ikishaenda ndo ivyo … na vile ni tu dogo … kitambo uone ndio io kitu. Ghasiaa… U’ll never know what hit you and how a moment ago you were here now ur on the other side. And worse yet; you never get to tell your story …