Iran Wanachunishwa Skuma Polepole




Heavy weight Biden on duty

sabotage manenos

Bullshiet. Kwani Mossad wanaingia hadi Iranian barracks???

Iranians are using old American F5 fighter jets how do they maintain them? Where do they get spare parts? Of course with no spare parts coming in due to sanctions plus no qualified mechanics ejector seats will rust and misfire.

Next mtaskia village bonobos e.g @Ndindu , @LuandaMagere na @Sambamba wakisema ni witchcraft from Saudi Arabia and Israel. :rolleyes:

Since 1979 Iran is still using U.S jets… zero research. Zero innovation.

i actually dont gve a hoot what they do to each other… if they are serious about their enemity , they should just go full scale , not play games za utoto…

You should care. Iran funds Al Shabaab to attack Jewish and American interests in East Africa.

Remember the two Iranian intelligence officers caught with explosives that they were going to pass on to Shabaab terrorists.

[SIZE=7]Iranians jailed for life in Kenya over terror charges[/SIZE]
6 May 2013
Image caption,
Sayed Mousavi (L) and Ahmad Mohammed are suspected to have been part of a network planning attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa

thats why i said , [SIZE=6]they should stop playing games and go full scale[/SIZE] …let them walk the walk … iran is just clout chasing , they had a chance to fight israel juzi wakakunja mkia…


Mossad chunisha wao skuma kabisa…

I bet its Mossad not Biden.
If Iran and Israel engage in cold war basi shauri yao. Both are belligerent and intolerant

Tell tale signs of Directed energy weapons being used by Israel ( only country in the middle east that posses such weapons)

Iran is the most powerful nation in the middle east. Iran has never attacked any other country, and everything they do they do it in the open. They are building seaports and oil pipelines to go around sanctions, in Syria.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are always having sleepless nights because of Iran.

When Iran will be pushed to the wall they will only have to light a fire at the strait of Hormuz, and the whole world will burn down to ashes

Nani anawapanua ikus?

Netanyahu ndio dawa ya those arab roaches