Iran vs Wales.

Iran have been utterly impressive. And those awesome goals were absolutely well deserved.

Persia tumekamua nyoka. Iran Vs USA it will be epic. Hapa ni mini third world war.

Keeper aliuza wales
Wapi ule Jamaa wa long live ayatollah

Football can be brutal. Iran scoring in the dying minutes.

Huyu ni wazimu


Iran dominated.

Hakuna cruelity hapo

Brutal what? Wales was outclassed first half Wales were saved by the goal post. Chuma tatu. Wales were banking on the boring English tactics hold,deep lying defense halafu counter. The Persian started the match with their foot on gas pedal. Kaende kusonga.
USA Vs Iranian it will be blood bathe. I expect the match to rivalved by the battle of Nuremberg 2006 match between Holland and Portugal. Red na yellow zitatembea. Can’t wait with holding my popcorns. Hiyo siku kijiji tuna postpone chokosh war tuone tuone Vijana ya Nebuchadnezzar wakifinya sodomite homosexual.

They hit the post twice in under 10seconds…they deserved that win.

Mara double twice Kwanza, noma.


football is all about discipline , you dont get a red card with 20 minutes remaining and expect to win a game