Hawajapata any missile debris hapo chini. Na huyo pilot aligeuza ndege kurudi airport. Angegongwa na missile angeenda tu chini.

That’s according to iran. It could be catastrophic if it turns out to be true

That was actually according to the Swedish investigators

Seems the Iranians forgot to switch off their air defence systems after lobbing the missiles at the US bases.

Military base hit with no casualties??? Even low caliber hand gun can kill a human being. Anyways the western media will or might downplay Iran but they might flex to some significant level.

Just seen the breaking news in CNN

you like iranians a lot and you are now believing their propaganda. Explain what is this:


where is the link

Experts what does this mean…will Ukraine revenge

:D:D Mpaka wamekataa kupea Boeing blackbox .

Canada lost 80 people na hao ndio juzi walisema hawawezi saidia Trump . Maumbwakabisa . Canadians should go far right wafukuze that foolish leader .


Hii tulijua zamani. The idiots probably thought it was Airforce 1 taking Ivanka home from a bash… or they thought it was a drone.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Either way @Kennedy Maina is free to spin the story.

ON CNN sqny

This guy wouldn’t hurt a fly. Skia hadi ka-voice. (No homo).

This is how @Nattydread talks when he is taking dick from @Amused .


Evidence suggests Ukrainian plane mistakenly shot down by Iranian missiles

Everything is going wrong for Iran now that there wasn’t a single American on the flight and they killed 80 of their own

At least his husband finally allowed him to grow a beard!! :D:D

Iran imesema ,it wasn’t me

Americans have every reason to cook that “evidence” of a missile hitting the plane. They cooked “evidence” of Weapons of Mass Destruction for Iraq.

The soleimani assassination has played out just like the striking Iraqi nuclear facility by the Israelis. Every country was against Israel destroying it but when it did most of them congratulated Israel secretly. Most of these leaders today are happy that soleimani was killed but they’ll never admit it. I haven’t heard from egypt, Jordan, and many arab league countries