Iran Fired 12 Missiles against US Base in Iraq

[SIZE=5]12 Missiles were fired by Iran against US Consulate in Erbil Iraq, CCTV footages[/SIZE]

On March 12, 2022, at least 12 ballistic missiles were fired from Iran into the city of Erbil, Iraq.
The city serves as the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. The missiles impacted near the site of the new US Consulate
in Erbil, which is currently under construction. Kurdistan 24, a television news studio, appears
to have received the brunt of the damage. No casualties have been reported at this time.


Anyone with score to settle against USA should rise now.

Wata kumbushwa hao sio russia ! their general was killed like a dog they did jack shit , the world media dosent care if ur dying and don’t have blue eyes !
America is very brave when crashing small countries !

Death to USA, EU and NATO supremacists!

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran & India( based on the comments from Indians) wana kisasi na America. If in any way America yields to any provocation , watakipata.

They all have their mess and wont do shit ! Do you seriously expect India to go against America ? America as much as I dislike their double standards will carpet bomb iran na hakuna mtu ata ongea ! Only China can decide to invade Hongkong or Taiwan and America will look the other way !

Go ask the 100 or Murican soldiers - who now have to live with debilitating head and mental injuries when Iran shelled US bases in retaliation for the general assassination - how they feel about Iran.

They did that and backed off dont forget they send a warning to the base b4 the launch ! No single dead Amrican if they pushed it Trump hange cheka nao ! Iran is No china !

When you dont have nukes amerikkka can even bomb your president na hakuna kitu utafanya .

americans have lost the narrative of being the good guyz . election thief Senile Biden ameuwa USA

Mdau noma. Ka war kakinuka straight of homuz ifungwe na Iran. The cost of oil will skyrocket. Ile inflation itatufinya wacha tu. Saa hii USMEFFI wako na recession thats how the whole world economy will collapse.

putin has emboldened the crazy arabs… lord have mercy

Iranians are not low IQ Arabs…

Iran knows war is not popular in US. This is why unaona US media spreading propaganda and big tech doing alot of censorship to make American citizens accept war.

These are the same tactics mzee George bush used before invading Iraq.

Right now mzee biden aki attack votes za democrats will dissappear.