Iran attacks oil tanker..

The world should unite against the bully, Murika

The self proclaimed Children of God and the Guardians of Mecca are spoiling for war

Katanuka very soon. Iran boasted sometimes back about wiping Israel off the map of the world. They will soon be wiped out soon. Trump is pro-Israel like hell! He wants to beat up those Persian dudes more than anyone would want to beat up a stray cat that has eaten his chicken!

Which friends and do not say Russia or China.
Russia has refused to defend Iran against Israeli airstrikes in Syria even when they share the Exact same base, leave alone defend them against the US.
Where have you seen China go to war to defend another nation??? Iran is largely insignificant especially compared to neighboring Pakistan.

North Korea has an ally called China that is known to have businessmen who have long bypassed US sanctions and China has refused to penalize them.
Iran is surrounded by American allies and one nation has American troops in it. Two nations(Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan) are busy trying to be ignored(Uzbekistan where they sometimes boil terrorists alive like it is 1555) or kissing EU ass to be accepted as Europeans(Azerbaijan).
Also North Korea is one of the most isolated nations on Earth. Locals have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world. Phone in North Korea do not even have a WAP browser. Iranians know how to use VPNs and are in fact even active on banned sites like Facebook.
Also the very same clerics calling America the Great Satan all take their children to study in the very same America.
Hypocrisy 101.

local governance issues aside, who knows maybe the north korenas are happy with that kind of structure, but remember north korea is also in the neighborhood of south korea and japan which also have US troops, but my point is that the sanctions are not that big a deal that a country can not survive, but they do negate some development and pull the country some steps back.