Ir blaster for android

Has anyone ever DIY this stuff? Lost my remote tv and I’ve been seeing lots of videos on YouTube how you can make a blaster using your phone , jackpin and remote led

Birrionaires we buy new TVs when the remote batteries die

Nunua Xiaomi /Poco.
Wacha kusumbua simu

Google play has hundreds of apps for TV remotes.

Xiaomi zote ziko na I.r blaster…

Works just as good. Tv yako kama ni smart unaeza download wifi remote pia to save you the hustle

Yea I lost (got stolen) my remote and it was stuck to a friends’ WiFi who since moved away. Luckily I got a neighbour who had a tcl model ,not mine exactly but it worked ,the smart tv was stuck at the the homepage and I managed to reset the WiFi back to mine. But most definitely I’ll be trying this DIY. Thanks nerds !

Or you could have just plugged in a USB mouse.