By Lydia Mathia
EQUITY BANK, ( Equity Bank Kenya )
I hope you’re back to work coz I need you to pay some attention here.
Some time early December our dad realized he was not able to use his EQUITEL pin. He called Customer care and after unsuccessful resets, one of your representatives advised him to go to his branch in Limuru and get his pin changed.
Dad is a man of principle and interacts with respectful civility with all people. Has been always. He is retired and currently does small scale farming.
Back to Equity, he pays a visit to Equity Limuru. First point of contact is the customer Service desk. Dad is of course his respectful self. The bank official , not so much. He narrated the issue and the lady immediately tells him that the line he is talking of is not his and he should tell them where he got it… kindly note this is a line that matches his Safaricom line which he has had forever. Back and forth and they finally sort things out by renewing the SIM card.
This is where it gets interesting.
On getting home, Dad got a message that he had an outstanding loan of Ksh 34,000 and then notifications for repayment with a deadline of 27th Dec 2018 started coming through thick and fast as Jeff would say
He went back to the bank obviously emphatic that he had no such loan. The bank manager was exceptionally rude and liberally mistreated my dad till he wondered what he could possibly have done to offend the manager so much
There’s a bank form the manager was supposed to give for a complaint to be filled for escalation and action. The bank manager refused to give the form. Dad went there three times asking for that form, the manager threw him out telling him to go report to the police and bring the OB number.
Well Dad did exactly that, he went and reported to the police and emailed the complaint and OB Number. The matter was assigned an incident report number by the bank.
Now, like I mentioned, dad is retired and on pension. When his pension for December hit the account, it was deducted in its entirety to pay the “loan” and he continues to receive notifications for the balance… (yeah it’s disturbing how small pensions can be after decades of working )
I have soooo many questions and this whole matter is extremely upsetting but what infuriates me is the lack of empathy by EQUITY.
Important to mention that it became apparent in the many visits paid to the bank that the money was withdrawn through another number. The guy actually withdrew 34K, checked balance, got a message that there was 300 remaining and withdrew 200 bob. It has also been established that Dad was on an active call at the time exact time the transaction was happening and at a very different location!!!
Pray tell!!! How do you take up an individuals entire pension to pay a disputed loan with such glaring evidence!!!??? As big as you are !
Could you not flag the account to stop the automatic deduction?
What’s with your Limuru Branch bank manager? And his staff? Why are they acting so weird??? Do they know something???
I am an Equity customer myself. Have been since I was in Campus. So first of all that’s done!!! I am out the door. Meanwhile, do something about this issue before you lose all your customers. Nobody wants to be a client of a bank that looses them money and mishandles them doing it!

Equity ni kutupa. Never save your money in this bank. Last year we formed a savings group of five friends and saved some money from Jan to October in Equity. To our shock, when we went to withdraw it we found that almost 50% of the savings was missing and had been deducted through funny charges.

Wanna say I’m shocked but not so much. There’s a certain touch of professionalism that Equity lacks which one can find at KCB and others. #ifikieMwangi.


Apparently they hire people on casual basis on the cheapest terms. And they also have a string of tellers who are under the ‘legs to fly’ program. What do you expect?


Be very wary if you ever wish to save hefty amounts of money in this bank.

hata vile nyinyi hamuwezi kuwa wise kama admin hapa mnabebwa kama ngombe,hio pension hange divert kwa benki ingine?

It has that shagsmondo feel ala those neighborhood supermarkets .From the dull brown interior decor to the employees & their attitude,everything about this bank is uninspiring .

He’s a good man, but has lost touch with operations at the branch level. Personally I’ve met 2 kenyan students studying at private US colleges which doesn’t come cheap. Equity is funding every single expense, and I think that’s extremely generous and noble of Mr. Mwangi. Most Kenyan birrioneas are not philanthropists.

Precisely. :D:D:D

You’re wrong. Very wrong. I don’t think there’s a bank CEO who knows so much about his bank operations including at the branch level than Mwangi.

Banking with equity is a huge risk. Withdrawals are very dangerous since tellers have been know to collude with crooked cops or gangsters, once you’re out of the bank you get robbed immediately. The same is true of your bank details and information about your activities on the Equitel platform, once you get a huge deposit you start getting some strange messages saying that your account has been merged or your account is blocked awaiting verification. These messages are not from their official communication channels. If you take a loan on Equitel you get strange loan offers from other numbers, someone trying to get you to take their loan. It’s clear Equity is run by people who don’t care about their customers data and they don’t protect it.

Kwani uliponea equator? Never known you to be praising hadmin.what happened wakapunda

Well, obviously he doesn’t know about the complaints customers are having with their accounts being withdrawn by bank workers, or loans taken without their consent. It’s not the first time such a story has gone viral. What measures has Equity taken? I know Mr. Mwangi wouldn’t tolerate such crap, which means he doesn’t know the extent of this malpractice.

Karibu member ! sihami been with them since APRIL 2007 na sioni nikihama any time soon …as much as i feel sorry for the old man this are isolated cases that can be dealt with. Equity imetusaidia sana peasants when the so called industry titans could not as much as look in our direction …Foward we forge kwanza wacha nione kama equitel wanaweza niskumia ka o/d isukume hii njaanuary.

From what am reading, this is technological fraud. It is bound to be common in banks like Equity that are very aggressive in technology. Just because you haven’t read or heard about fraud in other banks doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Banks do all they can to keep instances of fraud from the public. Of course you don’t expect a CEO managing a 17B profit bank to be aware of everything happening at the branch like fraud of Kshs 34k. Hiyo ni kazi ya mid level managers.

As I type this, am seated waiting to see the operations manager Nyali Branch to sort out an Atm withdrawal that was not dispensed two days ago. This is my second visit … with tales straight out of a psycho ward being served as to the delay in returning my money. The manhours I lose explaining to the dull looking staff I could have used to convince a Msim to share slices…

Just take your business elsewhere, ujinga kama hio nafunga account saa hio.

I personally don’t think it was his idea and James Mwangi to me is very arrogant towards employees. I worked there briefly. The idea must’ve been John Mwangi’s the late and maybe Munga