Invited for sleepover

Niende nisiende?


Kama ni nyumba unalipa rent… Then go. If not do not tread.

Thread closed

Wewe enda bora ulale na macho moja open, sleepover zinaendagwo

Hii mkamba itapeleka wewe mzee teke kesho tutaona headline ‘’ A 57yrs old man dies on top of a kamba damsel in mlolongo’’

Hio top inakaa ya mahabusu

Ungekua ndani already. Miss the forehead for me

Tuambie vile kulienda



You should be there already. Stop asking questions bana.


Mbitika tomba hiyo kitu naniii

“Two bodies have this morning been recovered at apartment X and transferred to city mortuary. The deceased, identified as ChifuMbutika and Lanyee had a budding love affair that ended tragically. The latter, an enstranged wife to the suspected killer, had invited ChifuMbutika to her matrimonial home for a sex session. Following tip off from the neighbours, the killer husband pounced on the two, stabbed them severally on the chest and left them for dead in a pool of blood. The suspect is still on police radar and members of the public are requested to provide any relevant information that will facilitate his arrest. Speaking to the media, the area chief has urged young men to desist from heedless behavior as that portrayed by ChifuMbutika.
Victoria Rubadiri, reporting for NTV news at 1pm.”