Investors have started grumbling about Safaricom Investment Cooperative (SIC)

Some members on chochio media are loudly grumbling about their promised parcels of land, with SIC claiming it’s just “normal” delays. Hopefully, that’s all it is, lakini knowing land transactions in Kinya, kuna watu watalilia kwa choo.

It’s worth noting that SIC is an independent entity from Safaricom, nthe ngreen njayant of the mobile telephony sector. It primarily draws membership from Safaricom’s past and current employees, though they also welcome the public. Maybe people generally trust it because of its (loose?) association with the company.


Kule Twirra ni machooos tu

Land is not a way to wealth. Land is a store of wealth. Only the wealthy and the rural poor should have land. Watu wa middle class waendelee kupewa mafunzo mara kwa mara, wajue hawajui.

Hawa investors Wana faa kufanya due diligence because most land companies with subdivided land will not get the individual titles unless the mother title is transferred to the land companies.
Hizi kampu Zina kuuzia land hata hawajabuy. They depend on the sales to get money to buy the land. With many defaulters, chances it will take longer for the land to be purchased

Countrywide Kuna delay ya title deeds

Why doesn’t anyone see the irony in this whole story?

How the fuck does a company that literally prints money as a TECHNOLOGY company turn around and then invest in a stupid and illiquid asset such as land instead of being progressive and pulling that money into an endowment fund which invests in promising technology breakthroughs which can return 100 times the fund?

Are we really this intellectually handicapped that we insist on burying money in land when the world over technology is creating fortunes?

Why would anyone not see the irony of a stupid dense dude, severely incapable of comprehending such a short post, calling others intellectually handicapped?

Joke’s on you

SIC and Safaricom are two different entities. The only relationship SIC has with Safaricom is that its founding members were Safcom employees

I am not a member of SIC as i do not think land sales can sustain a company but i trust them enough to know that once they sell you land you will have your land. There are people who bought land in Juja through SIC in 2011 they got their title this year.

SIC is not Safaricom PLC!