Investing in Carwow

They’ve raised close to $200M in private investments, why don’t they want to go public? Why go the crowd funding route? Will Joesixpack have the same rights as their institutional investors? What happens incase of a down round ?

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Mat Watson is doing a good job, Instead of paying him a very steep salary, I’d give him enough shares to keep him working right, but not make any business decisions.
Back home, are we willing to invest in Carnvasations Erick with CK and that other Wanjiru guy sijui Khairo or something? If they offered us a commercial platform like Jiji or Cheki, complete with Car evaluation, incidences, history and prices, direct Discount from Manufactures et al, who is willing to invest?

And how do you get your return?

The same way Carwow is rewarding it’s investors. Car sales, Bonuses from manufacturers, Viewership, Valuations, insurance perhaps? Advertisements, Sponsorships, endorsements

Carwow made losses last year. And it’s a turbulent season for fund raising, so how’s Joe Six-pack going to get ROI compared to their institutional investors who get first dibs at selling?