Introvert kuja na nduthi kidogo

Ive been thinking of upgrading my ride but am torn between these three Japanese machines.
Yamaha Super Tenere 850, Honda Africa Twin XRV 750, Honda Transalp 700 or the Kawasaki KLR 650. Whats your opinion?
I find Japanese machines are easier on the pocket, so no European (KTM or BMW GS) business although that would be my first choice.

acha nikusaidie @introvert unaitwo

Makanika ni murefi atakujibu Kesho saa sita


go for the tenere first choice anf the african twin second choice. …

my reason is the availability and spare parts ya hizo bikes is better compared to the others.
plus the bikes have low fuel consumption due to their efficient engine systems
finally these bikes are very hardy yoh ask @djo thefu pale mukuru kwa zukabaga .

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I concur with @Kuzniac .
Tenere first, kisha Africa Twin, particularly if its the RD04. That one had a bullet proof engine.
Then the Transalp (very capable too).
Kawasaki KLR ni sura mbaya inakaa marabou stork and support is terrible.
Nikikumbuka hii Africa Twin with Jincheng number plate nalianga kidogo aki.

@Deorro leta emoji.
Chieth ong’er.

oya, kuna some guy he did a full remake of this tenere and the outcome is awesome acha i send you the link ujionee mambo



cheki hiyo patience

Um paka. Emoji ziko

Weka picha tafadhali.

The one in my pic is an Africa Twin RD04.
This one is the Super Tenere XTZ750.
Did this in 2016.


Fairings before repair[ATTACH=full]163380[/ATTACH]

Panel spread after paint and decals

Frame and engine cleaned up, and high temperature paint to exhaust

With custom made crash bars





Nmeona size ya hii kitu ikabidi nigoogle weight. 261kgs!!! Hii ukianguka nayo pale Taru desert itabidi ungoje for hours before wanakijiji wakuje kukusaidia kuamusha

Usiwahi kubali nduthi ikulalie.

kukulalia si shida. Kuiamsha unaanzaje sasa na venye ni kubwa hivi

There’s a pink who knows the technique and can embarass some men over here.