introspects on Kenya,corruption and the system

Immortal technique in his song “Poverty of philosophy” says that the problem with always been a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it is the system that changes you. The same can be said about our country Kenya. Day in, day out we complain about corruption until it has become melody. I am not in support for corruption in any way and i believe it should not be condoned. However, we must be real with ourselves. First you cannot eradicate corruption until you change the system . Lets take the example of a newly appointed traffic officer who is required to submit a certain amount of bribe money to his boss per day. On the occasion that such a police officer is promoted, do you think atabadilika?? No he/she might become worse than their predecessor to pay for the nights they were in the cold. Another situation is where a new M.P/ governor takes office with good morals only to find money hungry MCAs who conspire to make him/her fall because hawapei nafasi ya “kukula” . As a result, they resort to allowing them “kukula”… Look at us citizens…in this country almost everything can be done by bribe…you need a driving license …you need an I.D card…you need your retirement files worked on fast, you need your items to be taxed less at the port…you want your tender selected first,…you need your son/daughter to be admitted in a national school…you need a case to disappear because of several reasons…So when yo speak about eradicating corruption…yes that official at the Huduma center might be sacked but it is the same forest/system, different monkey/player. Fighting corruption isn’t just about the people it is the system…sometimes we complain that leaders are corrupt but if tomorrow we are offered the same position we would steal from public coffers as much as they do…
So the question remains how do we change the system???:confused::confused::confused::confused:

woe unto us when we start mining oil:(:frowning:

Well said mr.!!
I think what kenya lacks is patriotic leaders and for the country should be greater than love for ill gotten money.untill that day comes the urge to rob the public coffers will be the death of our economy.
i think being corrupt is the in thing in kenya

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so? another day, another rant…we are not angry enough yet!

Who or where do we turn to?

We need true revolutionary people for sure …am glad of the attempt the #teamcourage guys tried to do… Greater awareness may just help

TLDR. mambo ya corruption ngoja monday. Immortal Technique ako na mistari.

Just a simple query: where do those leaders come from? Who elects them?

most often than not we find ourselves voting along tribal lines,but the few who go against this find themselves having to choose between two rotten individuals.when this happens we tend to choose the least rotten one.
But unless we as a people change from huku chini going up to the highest office,winning this fight will remain a dream.

My point is that those leaders are, in the most part, a reflection of us. After all, they come from the very same society as us. Hata hao karao and others whom we accuse of being corrupt, they’re merely shining a mirror back at us. After all, don’t we bribe just to get recruited?