Introduction of weighted voting

Wadau, there was a very interesting discussion this morning at Spice fm. A proposal to introduce weighted voting in Kenya. Currently, the status quo is 1 person = 1 vote. But what if some votes carried more weight than others? Like say, a university graduate with a better understanding of national economics and matters of governance governance, that vote can carry 2.5 points. People of productive age paying taxes, 3.0 points. Poor people living below a dollar a day (or basically people who are in more need of government services) , 3.5b points. Etc etc. Mnaonaje?

It is okay to discuss it but haven’t we seen supposed learned politicians doing stupid things? Examples are too many.

any case in point ? or we are the guinea pigs in this discussion ?

Wast of time ! Election in Kenya are never genuine, it’s money that count .

I agree. We haven’t even achieved optimized accuracy with the one-man-one-vote to be able to have an objective view of its efficiency. It beats logic to try anything else.

Only people who pay taxes should vote.

Poor people shouldn’t have a right to vote. Only tax payers should vote. The only reason why the poor vote is because laws are made by politicians.

Who told you that poor people don’t pay tax?

Load of crap. Education doesn’t confer wisdom. We have a lot of educated fools

If education was readily available to all corners of Kenya then denying the right to vote to people with no education would be logical.
Plato himself felt that uneducated people should not vote. If you don’t know what are the issues being voted for then you should just stay home on elections day.

Dumb debate that one!!

Hii idea nilileta hapa kitambo watu wakanitusi sana. Democracy is a flawed system especially in 3rd world countries. How do 17 million peasants who don’t pay taxes decide the political future of the 3 million who do?

Your understanding of “tax payers” is shallow… @wheelz too.

Hakuna kitu mnasema hapa, they may pay VAT but they don’t pay paye or income tax which is the metric used by kra up to a certain income level. So technically they don’t pay taxes since everyone pays VAT.

Kazi yao ni consumption tu and producing more babies for the middle class to support.

I totally agree with you…tukitumia such a method bonobos Kama @FieldMarshal CouchP can’t vote,

I would however gladly discuss a replacement to democracy in African Nations as long as we exist with borders arbitrarily drawn by non-Africans.

Haven’t we seen supposedly learned kenyans argue for the corrupt and thieves and go on to elect them?

most university graduates are useless dranks who cant even use their supposed brains to find a well-apying jobs. Watu wnegin wenye walifika form four wakaanza hassle are leading better lives and caring for their families that so =called graduates who still live with their mothers and depend on mshwari and tala ndio apate za mogoka wikendi. How is such a useless breed of brats better at decision-making than ordinary guys with fat accounts. Clearly they know how the economy works better

Thanks for the correction.

Your understanding of what I wrote is equally shallow.