Introducing simon my machine learning AI based chatbot

guys I have developed a machine learning powered chat bot that needs training. its called simon

simon that can chat directly with an individual or entered into group to make it lively, it starts a conversation with a random person every 5-10 min suggests a new topic every 15 min and responds to peoples messages like a real user. Simon has no hard-coded responses it tries to generate replies through learning using machine language.

:robot: What is Simon

Simon is your new favorite chat-bot designed to make conversations more fun and engaging! Powered by a smart Markov Chain model, Simon learns from every chat to provide personalized responses.

:rocket: How Does It Work?

Just start chatting! Simon picks up on your style and context, crafting replies that feel natural and tailored to you. It’s like chatting with a friend who gets smarter with each message!

:speech_balloon: Interact with Simon:

Start a Conversation: - Say hello and see how Simon responds!

Provide Feedback:- Use the /learn command to help Simon improve its responses based on your feedback.

Group Chats:- Add Simon to your group chats for even more fun interactions!

Join the conversation and see what Simon can do for your chats. Let’s chat away and make every interaction more interesting with Simon!

:link: Join Simon journey and get chatting today!

Note: Simon respects your privacy and aims to provide a positive chat experience for everyone.

search for simonkibot @simonkibot add it to any group so that it can learn faster Telegram: Contact @Simonkibot

I have currently trained it on 4200 sentences we need to get to a million for it to become decently smart.

I host it only my own raspberry pi server so it might go down if I loose power or net

type /help when using simon to tell me how to improve the bot.

I will take any consideration when developing simon 2.0 so reply with your ideas. support your fellow kenyan coders.

To anyone who trains my model Thanks to contributing to simon. You can contribute to simon by chatting with it and correcting it using the /learn command.

Cunt chat with a man

elder train my ai bot, nitamwambia ajiite vivian sabina joy, I desperately need the data

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That’s the first data I’ve given you.