Recruiting a new secretary and though she hasn’t attached some documents, her smile is enough for the job… Her body language tells it all… Her fingers Caressing that keyboard and touching the mouse… Guess that comp’s gon be horny as long as she’s around…
She’s qualified…

“please bring the certificates not attached on Monday”
Let’s see if we agree on the salary

Huyo ni sexretary, atakuwa ana-earn mshahara kubwa kuliko CEO.

She is qualified.[ATTACH=full]266780[/ATTACH]

that will be the beginning of your downfall…tumia akili wacha kutumia makagare.

You wonder why people lack jobs if bosses intelligence is negative

The sad thing about such secretaries is that watu wore ofisini plus board of directors and visitors to the organization watasalimiana in a period of two months

Bora wanalipisha rent na kadhalika… :smiley:

macho yangu imeng’ara na hii Jamhuri Day

Boss dont eat where u shit.

Eat elsewhere. Or else this is ur downfall.