Interview ya wajakoya


Weka link

Hii ngombe ya mumias ni money launderer ya ruto… We’ve got intel… Money comes from majuu in the name of donations to his campaign alafu inaenda sugoi…

Nika running mate ako juu ya vitu…ako ma smile mbaya bi ka anadai kuraruka.

YouTube Citizen TV live.

I think Wajackoyah is a proxy for foreign marijuana companies that want to set up in Kenya.

He has definitely started the conversation about the legalization of medical marijuana in Kenya.

Doubt it…the foreign entitities couldve tapped ruto or tinga or wait it out till the next pork us sworn in and do their magic.

Wajackoyahs genuine…he believes what hes saying.

Too bad that such brilliant minds won’t be given a chance to lead.the two seem to be so articulate

His deputy ako na akili but wajackoyah is very incoherent

The truest thing I have heard today…but we are still pushing the wajakoya for president gospel

You and assmio or kino Moja…wajakoya for president

Ndio naingia Kijiji lakini Kuna mse alikuwekea apo chini