Interrogating KK promises/lies

Kenyans hebu tune in to NTV live Front and Center to hear how much you were lied to. Mimi kwanza I just need hizo diapers walitudangaya watapea single mother. Wajakaa on both sides of the argument, so you know it will be lit. And tell us what they did with Elnino money coz we are tired of your lies Sakayo.

Sio niliona dp akipea washosho kortex na blangeti.

Kortex ni za nini kwa wacucu? Why did he lie about giving mothers diapers for 6 months, who asked him for diapers? Zakayo anatubeba ufala.

I thought kotex ni diapers. Ama ni tampons? All the same I think their lies are starting to catch up with them watu sio wajinga vile

Kortex ni pads and kuna pia tampons. They are the ones I use coz ni cotton feel. That aside huyu jamaa na uongo is too much. Why do you promise women diapers for 6 months and it’s obvious that you can’t do that? Some of these lies are insulting to the intelligence of Kenyans. Are you following the program? Watu wenu the excuse is about Eurobond loans.

I’m not following but I’m sure ntapata highlights later.

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