Now that Kenya is the new China, chinku marriage is available for wale wamechoka na Slayqueens n Slay Kings Jowies,Justin Timbalakes and Inc.You house them,feed them,they drive your car then wanakuharibia maisha. Sushi is on the menu now LOL.

Kijiji hapan tambua hiyo.

Kienyeji all the way.

Hii story ya media houses reporting about debt trap seems to have rattled the chinesse, last two weeks CGTN has produced lots of soft propaganda videos

i see you are reading situations like a fixer:D:D:D:D

Kuna picha hapo najua msee ako ni talent

GEORGINA MATINA Unasumbua, jinga kubwa

Cjaamini nimejipata nafuatilia hii umama meffi thread WARNING!!KEEP AWAY.


I’m sticking to our Local Black Home Queens …
Better the Devil that you know …

Mchinese siwezi date hata na dawa. I find them disgusting. From their food to physical looks and hygiene.

I think I’m a racist too on this issue. I wouldn’t mind a night or two with a white person or Chinese, but honestly, I much prefer our black kienyejis. Hiyo skin colour difference hunifanya niskie thithi.

I’ll marry an Asian for obvious reasons

Even if he’s an ugly tycoon like Jack Ma?

Money is the make up for men…

The Chinese way of making food is very healthy. Does not lead to obesity like mashakura or nyama choma…

They can make it in a healthy way but I dont like their kind of food. Same with Thai food. These people can eat anything

Had a vietnamese neighbor in the hostel in campus we used to have communal kitchens on every floor. Every time he was going there to cook guys would leave the kitchen. The stench was horrible. Don’t know walikua wanapika nini.

Most of Asian people eat disgusting food. I have some Thai friends and my sister in law is a chinese. I look at some of the foods they eat and feel like throwing up.