Interpretation of dreams

Early this morning i had the weirdest dream.The dream was quite vivid and in full color.Started with me going back to the house from gym.At the front porch of the house I see a girl I used to bang back at my former place of work.She is chatting heartily with her husband.I can’t hear what they are saying.I walk into the house.My kid comes running to me saying ‘Uncle Tom has come!’.I can see fresh veggies sprawled all over the kitchen floor.I presume uncle Tom came with the veggies.I don’t even know this uncle Tom.The scen changes to me and my kid driving from Mombasa to Nairobi,at Mazeras,my kid dissappear from the car.I park the car kando ya barabara.I almost slip into a seemingly bottomless hole.I survive by a whisker.I cross the road to the other side.I find my kid,but sasa wako wawili.Kama twins wearing the same clothes.Sasa sijui who is my kid and who is not.Scene changes;we are back in the car,but now it’s not me driving,kuna a walalo driver who is supposedly driving me to Nairobi.Tunafika Mariakani kwa ile total petrol station.I tell him to stop I want to buy drinks.Anasema gari haina breaks itasimama tu Nairobi.Hapo ndio usingizi ikaisha.Hio dream imenisumbua sana especially hio part ya mtoi

That dream is too elaborate. I was once told that if you frequently dream that you are falling into a hole or from a high place, then you are physically growing taller. I don’t know how true that is but it was common for me in high school and college. Siku hizi haiko.

Someone else said it is your mind trying to remind you about your current challenges even in your sleep.

Not sure how true that is.

Dream Kama hio inaashiria ujaribu kujipanga. Ukona mambo mengi yanakutatiza na sio ya maana viile. Kwa ufupi kuwa na mpangilio kiasi Kwa maisha Yako. Kuna mambo ya maana hauchukulii serious.
Hapo kwa gari Haina break…ukaamka inaonyesha you have the ability to change somethings that are not working in your life.

Uncle Tom ndiye anakamua bibi yako.


Punguza pombe na stress.

:D:D:D acha hizo bana!

Walisema tear gas ilikua ime expire…did you by any chance inhale the fumes??

Inakuambia you need to start spending some quality time with your kids … sio kazi kushinda Amar na SJ ukitomba malaya hadi uncle Tom anakukamulia bibi na watoto nao hata hujui nini inaendelea na maisha yao. Mtu bure burukenge kabisa …

Nikama wewe ni jack bauer

Ukiota unaanguka it means you heartbeat became so slow that your brain thought that you are dying. In response, it creates a scary dream scenerio that triggers your fight or flight reflex coupled with a surge of adrenaline. Some people wake up after such a dream sweating and with a racing heartbeat.

Mtoi anamean gardian angel/ ama Holy spirit. wakati alienda ulijipata unaanguka kwa shimo.
Bottomless pit inamean emptiness- life yako itakuwa on down spiral now that you are leaning on your canal mind.
Thing’s that happened through your ancestors may start manifesting eg, poverty, drunkedness, prostitution, infirmities etc
-Pray against negative effects in your life.

  • Identify common trend happening with your family members you recently picked. If there is one, go back to God.

Dream 1
Your ex is married but she still have you in her heart(house). The kitchen means a place for food preparation and It’s disorderly /maybe chaotic. Means her sex life with the husband is in doubt. and she is thinking how she can get back to you.
-keep off another man’s kitchen
-Beat her up

@Tom Bayeye kuja upeane transleshen

You have a kid born to a woman you used to sleep with but hakukuambia wewe ndio baba. She may be living with the husband happily as a family but one day the kid will know, and reunite with you and you will introduce him to your son as his brother. Hapo kwa walalo tafuta Owuor akupatie analysis.

Maisha ni moshi.
Needs kujipanga, kuanguka ni kawaida.

Yes bro.Jana nilikula tear gas vibaya sana hio street from Afya Centre to Bus station

Tafuta pastor umpelekee mbegu akuombee


This dream may represent the different aspects of your life coming together. The girl and her husband could represent your past, while the fresh vegetables and Uncle Tom could represent a fresh start in life. The driving from Mombasa to Nairobi could represent a journey of self-discovery, as you experience a near-miss with a seemingly bottomless hole and then encounter two children wearing the same clothes who represent your dual identity. Finally, the inability to stop at the petrol station and the dream ending there could represent a feeling of being stuck in a situation and not being able to move forward.

He should pray hard uncle Thomas asikue ni @uwesmake #ukimwi pap:D