Interoperability Mpesa, Airtel, Tkash

I think airtel (airtelmoney) and telkom (tkash) have been out maneuvered by safaricom (mpesa). They’ll end up losing agents ( unless the mobile money interoperability extends to agent-customer transactions, it shouldn’t be just customer-customer, because the latter favors mpesa-specifically withdrawals, too much).

Why can’t govt intervene to let other players have a fair share of the market.I am sure T-cash and Airtel have better products but we can’t feel them coz they are unable to penetrate the market.
Safaricom should never be let to go kplc way.Dominance in a certain market makes the client perceive the products of domineering company as the best yet there are better ones out there

Monopoly don’t last longer pia posta was there they thought they were untouchable…safcom will be the architect of their downfall

Just saw the new airtel money tariff, kumbe its alot cheaper to send money from airtel money to mpesa [than from mpesa to mpesa].

bravo airtel bravo

I stand corrected.