Internet service providers

When choosing an isp in kenya, among the local service providers, who is the most reliable and whats the highest bandwidth one can get?

Nothing beats Zuku for estates. No matter its ups and downs, that’s the only recommendable ISP in home and monthly charges.

what of a commercial connection? for the work place

Safaricom is so great that I have never called their customer service to complain. 6 months and counting

Find out info on the Faiba network as well as liquid telcom as per your location

Where are you located ??

Sounds like a Zuku dealer put you up to it, and you went down on him.

What packages do the have? I Mean monthly costs?

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Nope, I ain’t a dealer but its the truth when it comes to unliminet with understandable rates.

You don’t have to…

Is this their fiber ama wireless?

All home fibre Internet with all isps are unlimited


Naongelea ile ya roughage!

10mbps dedicated ni hapo 140k a month, same for liquid telcom (this will include failover)
wimax ni cheap 1mbps ni around 6k na unapewa static ip so you can host and do other things

You totally missed the gist of what I typed. Pm me for clarity’s sake.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D autocorrect haibagui

Sounds more of a good deal on the 10mbps, but you forgot that Safaricom fibre is on selected estates, NOT the middle class ones and only Zuku covers these ones.

How much per month