Internet service provider

Wadau, if I wanted to open a business of legally reselling Internet in urban upcountry, how do I go about it? Where do I source fir the Internet in bulk? Can it be conveniently done via wireless technology since cable / fibre is costly?

Tafutana na Liquid Telkom although walibadilisha jina


I consult for WISPs kuja inbox

Si unipe general idea kwanza kabla unukishe kitunguu

  1. Get dedicated leased line from a major provider with a clear clause stating that you can resell.
  2. Market research on your target market with projected numbers and bandwidth needs.
  3. Get locations with good line of sights to your customers (make sure papers are signed).
  4. Install the Basestation and connect your first customers.
  5. Onboard customer to your CRM.
    Those are the basics of things but it’s a broad topic to go from start to collecting your first month dues.

Give us a rough figure for the whole setup costs

You talk of dedicated line. Do you mean cable? Must I be linked via cable ama it can be via satellite? Remember I’m talking of upcountry towns. And btw ile fibre iliekwa na gava to all major towns in Kenya, what was its purpose? To whom does it supply?


Yes ultimately your connection should terminate via fiber don’t even think about satellite. And yes the nofbi dark fibers are leaseable but only if you terminate in a data center