Internet resellers behaving badly

I dont know if I am alone in this but I have been hearing internet resellers have this bad habit of doing things. You pay them for installation and they give you internet for the 1st month free. During the free month the speed is good and internet has little or no buffering at all. At this time speeds hit 3 - 5 Mbps yet you took the 3Mbps package. The internet itself is reliable. It streams a HD (720p) video on YouTube without buffering.

After you pay for the 2nd month thats where the games begin. The speed becomes crappy, the internet keeps on buffering. The resolution for YouTube videos drops down to 360p or 240 and while at that they are buffering. You can imagine a 240p video buffering on YouTube its just pathetic. Speeds rarely go past 1 Mbps otherwise they keep differing between 100 - 800 kbps. Sometimes you can even hit 88 Mbps yet you paid for 3 Mbps. Reliability is thrown to the dogs. I heard folks complaining of crappy internet after using it for the 2nd month. Now I believe them.

Whats with internet resellers behaving this way?

Wueh… Na vyenye nimeweka ka litebeam tu juzi… Net is okayish hapa bundus streaming HD like this… Wacha nicheki hii yuletide Dec vyenye itakua. Maybe itanirarukia pia?

achana na resellers they cant sustain their business model so the free trials is where they get you , after that ni kukamuliwa . just pay for Safaricom fibre i hear jtl is also good

Sio kila place safcon wametimiza fibre… Ikifika tutajump ship but for now we’re playing poker with these devils hatuna option ingine except bundles on MiFi

ok forgive my ignorance …i was in the same pickle while back,even used tricks to renew the free trial over and over again , well untill they figured out and banned me

:smiley: ghaseer Stalin nakuonea 18 mkora sugu kumbe ulikua pia player 1 free trials

This reminds me of a story a friend once told me of guys who would hire people and you pay 500 registration fee, then they give you SIM cards to go and sell, within a day or few days utarudisha tu hizo SIM cards because of lack of sales na uwache tu hiyo job. The guys were recruiting people everyday, do you want me to explain their revenue model? of course not, I have already said it up there :smiley:

Where I am fibre haijafika bado. Resellers ndo tunategemea tu.

I ahve to anika zuku once in a while on twitter to stop throttling my youtube alafu wana apologize with some silly excuse then no buffering !

juzi i saw hii project ya Elon Musk ya Starlink internet and man it is so good… i only wish at some point ifike africa ju this big ISP tukonao huku wanatunyorosha bei and the internet sucks

Cartels will not license it.

Wait for Starlink

Installation 499$ monthly 99$. Thats 60,000 kshs first month and 10,000 shs monthly. You peasant bonobos cant afford starlink.

Tumieni bundles bila kusumbua

speak for yourself Mompara

elon musk ali release statement akisema anaplan ku adjust prices for now iko in beta tests thats why the prices are high. by the time ifike africa the prices will be good enough

Good enough. Iyo ikifika huku utaskia itaongezewa tax ingine nyingi hadi ikuwe double ya initial cost

The starling project is great but also very controversial.

as for me natumia POA internet and some time wanafanya hivyo but nilijuwa Siri yao, downloaded secure vpn(free from store) and speed would go way past what I paid for. I use the US server because it’s stable lakini Kama ukona kakitu lipia Nord vpn. The only complaint is that you cannot watch Netflix when secure vpn is active

Fuakni the pricing that applies in Northern America will definitely not be used in this areas

Mimi ata nmeamua next month silipii. Nalipianga 5Mbps. But from 1st to 20th internet is soo crappy. From 21st to 2st or the date you pay for it, it’s suddenly blazingly first