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Hi brothers and sisters!
I would like to introduce you a company that I work for and we are currently hiring.
We are a team of internet marketers who cooperate together in order to make money online and grow professionally.
A few words about our business:
We are creating a social net for those who wish to change their life using the internet. To make money online together.
For those who are just starting we are offering jobs that they can instantly get paid for plus a learning curve that they can use to start making more money and grow. For those who are already webmasters, We offer an instrument for smart business automation and a team of people who can offer various services on a CPA model. Imagine a CPA network that pays not only for complex third-person actions (aka sales) but also pays for first-person verified actions. Like sending messages or posting on Twitter.
Last but not least we are introducing ways for all the people involved in the platform to help each other to grow using a crowdsourcing approach. All of us have the same problem - how to make more money online. If 1000 people involved in the system altogether invest their time/money/ideas into testing 100 hypotheses, some of those work and appear to be useful “MMO” methods.
One of those clever suggestions i remember is “every complex action can be divided into smaller ones”

Everyone here is welcome to ask questions about the platform

I am not sure about the rules of the forum, thats why I am not posting any links etc.

Truth is we already help 100+ people to get a remote online job. And apart from all the common online scams we really payout. And we do it the first day someone starts working with us.

I hope some of my partners come here to say hello

Kwanza saidia watu wenyu. Bladfakin!

Pesa ongee. Tafuta Burkina Faso

Faye Valentine

Wow,I’m happy to be part of this newly growing SMM website.
I earned from this platform last month although its just a couple digit ($50) from the posted task on the platform.

I would like to say how wonderful to be part of this very helpful online job which is Godo platform…it has been very helpful in terms of financial advantage with no experience or whatsoever Godo platform has not only taught me but also helped me to earn a steady financial background from anywhere around the world 24/7…

Thank you so much Godo platform.

Thank you, brother. You are a wonderful colleague.
By the way, we are running a giveaway campaign in our Facebook group. Please check it out Godo giveaway (follow the link to see the post)

I will be happy to answer any questions related to our platform in this thread

Nawaulizanga hivo pia

we are still running the giveaway. Plus soon we plan to launch a possibility for our team members to run an instagram bot on their mobile phone that will perform actions with no human interaction required. This way we will provide an option to create passive income

You need to stop this bullshit of lying to people. Let me give you a word of advice, no company or empoyer will ever come to beg people to join the business. This marketing companies are a scam and THEY DONT WORK ANYMORE. If you join you will be wasting your hard earned cash and time. Dont be fooled by the english in the post. That’s what they use to get the desparate people. Am saying all this from experience and that of others. PLEASE BE WARNED!!!

Looks like you had some bad experience before. Sometimes people really want to scam others. But our website is not like that. And it is easy to understand that if before starting yelling and screaming you learn a little bit. Every time in your life try to remain calm and think racionally. If you will skip all the opportunities because of fear you will never succeed.
I think my website is so far the only website I know where you can register, ,make your first couple of dollars and cash out all the same day.
check out our facebook group. People DO REALLY make money.

Currently, I am paying 9$ for registering google cloud account with free trial balance.
example of a registered account:
URL to register:
tutorial on how to register the account:

if interested pm me here or on facebook my facebook profile
tasks details [MEDIA=facebook]928146431069781[/MEDIA]


Very actual! some of out participants already made 70$+
earnings proof link

New task!
Earn 1$ for each 100 emails collected from youtube channels about pages!

Check out a tutorial on how to make 2-5$ every day on our website

@administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Electronics4u
Why is it that it’s only ‘new villagers’ who post these online scams in this forum? Is it a coincidence or it’s a pre planned venture? Asking for @zayn and @grandpa

The fact you spend a lot of your time here didn’t help you to notice that our project is not a scam. I understand, there is a lot fo scam online, I agree. But our website mission is to help people to start freelancing and making money from home.

Check out a video by one of our members on how to make money online sending emails on autopilot from your smartphone!

Da fuk!

Yo banda! Today I want to start a new chapter in the GODO family history. From now on we will be focusing on bringing you possibilities to complete our tasks on the semi-auto pilot as much as possible. Our mission is to help you to make money as much as also save your time! That’s why I want to present you this video where I show you that it is possible to automate your smartphone to complete the “comment on youtube” task
If you want to get access to this bot please subscribe to our youtube channel, like the video, and share it on your Facebook page!