Kindly assist on which internet devices to acquire for home connectivity(2-5 devices).

Tp link


internet service provider to the home wanakuja na devices. kama they are not available huawei router with simcard should work but perfomance depending na network provider will determine alot how good the speeds are. the mifi’s shida ni kuchemka.

Zuku iko aje

To best answer your question, I need to know what kind of connection (mobile modem, fibre, WiMAX) and ISP. Also what devices will be connected?

What’s the difference I thought connection ni connection… enlighten me

No time for a full explainer.
If you live in an area with access to fibre (Zuku, Safaricom) get that.
If you intend to connect PCs and smart TV over LAN cable and laptops together with othe wireless mobile devices, get yourself a a router on top of whatever sh*tty router or CPE you will get from your ISP.

The ideal router should have gigabit LAN ports for fast file sharing and dual band WiFi (2.4ghz and 5ghz) with MIMO and support for classes b/g/n/ac or even ax if your pockets are deep enough. I would recommend Tp-link for the non-techsavvy for ease of use, features and quality. AC1750 would tick the above.

Change the default passwords and disable WPS and secure pass with TKIP+AES. Tp-link routers also allow QoS for kupimia users internet.

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