Internet banking fraud

Picture this, you are about to go to bed at 1am when you hear a beep on your phone, its a text message from your bank…someone from a different continent has just made a very expensive purchase from a top retail store with money from your account. 5min later you hear another text, another purchase has just been made and your shilling account has now been wiped clean…you panic and frantically try to call the emergency numbers provided on the texts but there is no response…their customer care staff are obviously asleep…you are helpless but you are atleast consoled by the fact that whatever was stolen wasn’t very substantial compared to what you are holding in the same bank but in a different account…and this is by luck because the previous day, a Friday, you had transfered money from dollar acc, which is the primary acc, to the shilling account for the purpose of making some purchases the following day…you transfered a substantial amount but not very much to warrant a heart attack.
So on Saturday you go to their branch and report the fraud. You expect some resistance or even a lecture on how you need to be more careful with your transactions but non is forthcoming. The manager quickly resolves the issue and promises to wire your money back in your account by Thursday. You leave the banking hall but this event has left you with so many questions and suspicions.
First, how did they manage to commit the fraud yet you have your card with you and you don’t do any online shopping using that particular acc. Online shopping is strictly done using a different bank. And dollar account’s Internet banking is NOT activated because it holds some substantial amounts and you don’t trust these banks anyway…so anytime you need money for routine use you transfer from dollar to shilling and its usually used within 24hrs…online shopping has a different account as I have already mentioned.
Secondly why did the bank offer to refund the money so quickly…they acted as if this was a very normal occurrence…no questions asked no accusations thrown around. This is not a complaint, am just curious.
Third, how can one secure their money in Kenyan banks…is our money safe? Could this be an inside job and how much are they really losing due to fraud
This is what my cousin went through on Saturday,sio mimi
These are the messages with actual amounts but I have concealed names and some digits

, we have approved a transaction of USD 575.17 at SP * FASHION on your card no. ending 8. If its not yours, please call us on 0711056/0732156** urgently

, we have approved a transaction of USD 754.27 at SP * FASHION on your card no. ending 81. If its not yours, please call us on 07110564/07321564 urgently


No hii ni ile ya wazito that’s why I don’t even want to mention its name…hata wewe pana taja

the card number and the three digit number at the back are enough to make a transaction. all one needs to do is memorize the numbers or take a picture. cards are dangerous and should be kept away from public view. never leave it in your car at a car wash or any other place. never place it in open view. make sure any transaction at your purchase point is under your watch and certainly never let someone leave with it or take some time away with it.
these transactions are reversed on request, but there is a chance you could lose money if you take your time or miss the notifications. someone can also use it to make complicated purchases where you end up losing money. nothing suspicious about the bank.

nge ongea lakini let me leave it here on how to be careful…Nowadays have two cards. One for shopping and one strictly for ATM…a friend fuelled at Shell somewhere using his stanchart weeks later his card was wiped clean…

Happened to me once. Just speak to your bank. They will issue a request to VISA and VISA will initiate a chargeback request. You should get your money in around 40 days or earlier.

This is not fraud on the bank’s part really. It is with sites that you have given out your credit/debit card information. Remember all that is needed to initiate a card transaction is a card number, the expiry date and the CVV

For safety, get a prepaid debit card and only use that for your online transactions or to pay at the restaurant, petrol station etc. while the main card that is connected to your account never leaves your wallet

This is NCBA for sure that emergency nos is theirs

And I have done exactly what you are advising in the last paragraph…I never take chances bit been lazy about your second paragraphh

Don’t mention names

Sasa ukificha jina unasaidia watu aje

Naona umeoga vizuri mzae. Juja boys na former kahawa wendani bois kama @Azor Ahai wamepata rent sasa. Hapo sawa. Kazi ni kazi, endelea kutumia ATM kama maasai.

I think the problem cuts across all banks so no need to single out a specific bank

ATM inafaa itumike aje Monaco boy?

Hivo vile umeoshwa. Btw, yours is a debit card, so u can kiss that small change goodbye, hairudishwi ata ulie hadi next year

or your card is already skimmed, check this short video

But they got an MPESA card, for all your online transactions, and a normal Debit/Credit Visa Card, for localised transactions like ATM, payment Services. Anybody who got hacked deserved it

Heheh I know this bank.
I thought it was good customer care and even pongezad them on their social media page…now I’m beginning to wonder.

Card is being replaced…getting another one on Thursday

Never allow anyone to get the CVV of your atm or numbers. Ikipatikana ni ivo…shopping spree

kuna website msee hupiga picha credit card yake mbele na nyuma alafu una upload na wanakuangalilia kama umekuwa hacked