Internal Security Minister resigns after he sent private videos to High School girlfriend

Malusi Gigaba, South Africa Internal Security Minister has resigned after dithering. Last month, he sent nude videos to Cindy Makhathini, 17, his High School girlfriend who leaked to the public. He resigned for nude photos, not for killing! It’s why SA is Civilized Democracy.


what’s the second photo?

I’d send her the whole ktalk list of requirements nudes/sketches/x-rays/clay moulding/CGI rendering…

His High school girlfriend

She is old enough.

okay! age of majority south africa ni?

Not clear. Were they a couple in high school or he has a girlfriend that’s currently in high school?

Those nipples are too nice and tempting on a 17 years old.

Who said them bichtes are never loyal!

Hii kitu ni ile unasemanga the person who issued the birth certificate made a mistake pale kwa date of birth.

Huyo galfred ako swaaaaaaffe! Si utuoshe mecho na more photos priss?

So SA is a Civilized democracy because the minister resigned? You must be very dumb. The rape capital of the world is now a civilized democracy.

she doesn’t look 17 though. but anyways, i hope she won’t be dating minister anytime soon or forever. her 2 minutes of fame are over,

:DMalusi akule hiyo though wameanza game chafu mapema

17 year old Cindy Makhathini from South Africa and 17 year old Nyalong from South Sudan.

No offence but some evidence actually makes one believe in evolution theory.

Good day talkers


White people will tell you that both just look the same.

Chief, huyo ni msaliti

if this is 17,i would gladly,GLADLY!!! jailbait myself,najipeleka hadi steshen,lock me up behind bars ,dig a hole in my cubicle,throw me in the hole,cover the hole and throw away the hole.Watu wengine wanakula vitu saf sana yawa!!!

In kenya such a small issue cannot make a cs resign, we have mass murderers as our presidents

Unluckily though!