Interesting Observation During My US Trip

So nilikuwa huko for almost a month in August…i was fortunate to mingle with other kenyans living in the US during social events. I made an interesting observation…alot of kenyan families with Autistic kids. I met a lady who had a half mzungu half kenyan young girl with Austism. I met another guy in his 40s with an 8yr old boy who was autistic. I met another couple who had a 4yr old son who was weird and not normal and also they had a 1yr old baby who was not active at all. Mtoto halii ako tu hapo…both kids am told hawako sawa kabisa by my friend. The saddest one i met was a couple with two sons who were completely autistic…yaani both kids ni wakubwa …around 7 and 6 yrs olds na wote wako autistic…the 7 yr old one was violent and wanderer…the parets had to monitor them all the time…these are couples i met and saw in person…nikiongea na beshte yangu akanishow kuna so many cases of kenyan who have autistic kids in the US. Its serious… swali langu ni…esp to elders wako US…have you made same observations? What do you think is the cause? Are pregnant women given prenetal supplements that are affecting the kids later ama ni madawa na vaccine watoto wanachanjwa…trust you me hapa kenya sijaona such many cases…najua ziko but za huko US ziko mob and on another level. @Simiyu22 na akina @Aka_mpole na @jacana.jacana na kijana millionaire ya NY @applebee100 na @gwara mmeona hii risto? Maoni yenu na wengineo walio mayolo mnasemaje?


This is accurate. And not only in US. 1st world kuna iyo maneno.


Maybe ni juu Kenya hakuna awareness ya mental health. Mtoto autistic anafungiwa kwa nyumba ama kupelekwa kwa pastor owuor juu ako na mapepo ama sijui laana za nyumbani.


I haven’t interacted with parents yet (mimi ni kijana mdogo) but there’s a lot of kids with disabilities in the US. They have huge programs for it and it’s generally a recognized pandemic here. I heard they’re even teaching kids about how to be sexual in freaking kindergarten. That’s how fucked up this country is when it comes to raising kids. There’s no reason why kids should know their gender pronouns. Teachers are actually teaching them that it’s okay to switch genders and they have classes where they teach little boys how to be girls and vice-versa.

I wouldn’t raise a kid here. If I have kids nitawaleta international school Nairobi.


Effects of eating stupid American shieet like e.g bulldog, kids become rabid


@Simiyu22 jitetee tuskie

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This is very true, My bro inlaw, his last born is austistic.I think its a serious thing there.


High functioning autists ndio hurun tech companies na kucode. Wewe umewahi ona Zucc ama Elon wakiongea vile wao hukaa nongwe. On the issue of kenyans, labda ni maternal diet, exposure to chemicals (najua wakenya wakiland huko na greencard hufanya kazi kwa ma warehouse etc). But hebu tuambie what was the average age of the parents? If they were in their late 30s and 40s hiyo inajibu most of your questions.


Awareness iko chini huku. Look at how we treat people with mental health issues. We hide them. Even simple mental health issues that can be treated easily immediately they are diagnosed are ignored mpaka it goes into full-blown “madness”.


Covid vax is to blame for everything.


Well, did they get the children while there? I know people who moved to the US after their children were diagnosed with a learning impairment due to the support & medical systems there.


Even in Kenya there is an increasing awareness which will be viewed as increased cases. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon or the frequency illusion. Once you notice one thing and give it attention, your brain adds it to the list of things to be noticed.


Maji ya huko yues imejaa oestrogen kutoka mikojo za makunguru wanaomeza birth control. Municipal wastewater recycling haezi filter out hizo ma hormones kutoka sewerage ndio sababu watoi wanakuanga retarded kama @horus07 na kuchezea ligi ya akina @Smith na @Jimit


Uyo horus aukuwa zake walai

We have many autistic kids in my larger family, in Kenya, and they are many kids like that. You have just become aware. So tulia, it’s not a US thing.


Weak generation producing degenerate progeny that will never stand on their own


Mkamba mjinga unasema nini


Nasema Tuwache wizi

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Ni ngumu sana kuona such cases in kenya… kenyans in Diaspora wako na hiyo shida sana ya kupata watoto wako na problem. Something is wrong somewhere

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And am sure hamna previous cases kwa family ati mseme ni family genetics…if bro yako ndio wa kwanza kupata mtoto ako hivo na ako Majuu then there is something wrong there