interesting math! would you save money or fuel?

let say a nicely localy used crown s180 is close to 800k here in kenya while a premio (t260) newly imported is overpriced at 1.5 m thats a 700k difference trying to avoid what you will call a gazzler.
let get some numbers into this. you could spend 5000 ksh of fuel a week that translates to 20k on fuel per month. on the same errands a premio will use let say 3k of fuel per week(am not so sure about premios fuel consumption thats a guess) translating to 12k of fuel per month which equals to 8k more of fuel with the crown than a premio.

lets say you own these cars for 3 years for the crown it will be 20k x 12months x 3years =720,000 worth of fuel plus purchase price of 800000 thats 1,520,000 ksh


for the premio its gona be 12k x12 months x3 years = 432000 on fuel plus purchase price of 1,500,000 adds upto 1,932,000


whats my rant all about? 1.5 m is a lot for a basic car like premio . you could save tonnes of money if premio was a bit cheaper than it is, you rather buy a cheap used guzzler because of low demand. nunueni hizi mark x and crown slightly used cheaply and you will save money and above all you get alittle bit of motoring pleasure

Ngoja watu wa spares wakuje

Your calculations are incomplete. Let me complete for you… After 3 yrs, put them up for sale. The premio will fetch you around 1.3m depreciating by 200k. The Crown may fetch you about 500k if you are lucky.

Na resale value

well then for the crown you will loose 300k for the premio 200 not a big margin the crown still wins

Resale value brigade hawajaonekana bado?

Wacha nilaze red carpet for resale value brigade.u
Me nataka nikinunua gari i buy a honda accord tourer wagon newish. Niishi nayo hadi siku nitapata pesa kununua gari ingine. A German, im into mercs

Siwezi nunua gari locally used.A premio is much better because of ground clearance and shorter as compared to crown. Sipendi gari refu.

I knew this was coming!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

a long wheel base means one thing. comfort!

afadhali nibuy range rover classic 2 door na io pesa…it can tow stuff, hence doubling as a pickup

Confort ya nini kama kila wakati unasimamisha gari kando ya barabara ukiangalia nini imegwara gari chini ukivuka bumps.

If you can afford a premio why not get a Honda accord

Fuel 1.5k per week
Efficient mpaka Kwa settings

how is a long wheel base more comfortable.

Watu wa legsus tukopale…on the left looking right,left and right again

wee mafuta ndo unaogopa

really 1.5k per week???

Yep, I’m reffering to a home-job-home person. Seen it

If thats a man…lets not talk of hens and him in the same sentence!