Interesting Kuguru kwa Waiguru

If you look clearly, you’ll realise legs 1 and 2 ni za husband. Sasa sijui Waiguru ameweka kuguru ingine wapi


Look at the colour of their jeans.

:D:D:D I am really trying to discern @Trojanex school’s of thought. I am actually convinced the nigga did the thread on blocking ktalk members just to troll… or is it?? Either way Trojanex unejaza kinyesi kwa tumbo… I mean kwa akili

Mûndû wa Kangocho ûkuuga atîa?

Ime lock paja la beta male

:D:D:D:D:D So the guy has 3 legs of equal length.
The body language though!!! I have always thought of this as a marriage of convenience, for political reasons of course.

“you can hire omuhusband, but you can never buy one” a wise person once said

I think am slow today.
What is the discussion?

that a man is being offered the arse by some woman, but he is to naive to see that all he needs to do is like… roll over.

@Trojanex anakuanga troll
rangi ya hio majinisi wamevaa unaona si ni tofauti

just look the point of origin of that leg. Unataka kuniambia Waiguru ako na joint ingine kwa hip ya 90 degrees?


Punguza mihadarati kijana.

surely…hata ukiangalia hiyo sandal on leg 2?

Are you colorblind ?

Ama anirushie number ya pedi wake

@Trojanex is a homosexual attention whore and all the fools giving him attention are nincompoops

A professional troll. I think he gets paid to troll. But I’ll have to admit that he does it so cleverly 99% of Talkers always miss the sarcasm.

It’s a bullshit thread.

What the fuck are you talking about?

@Trojanex banae, nilishuku sana kwanini @digi amenyamaza kumbe wewe ndo ulipatiwa funguo ya ofisi.