Interesting happenings in Court today... Will Money prevail??

Ruto’s paying back Sonko for giving his business the whole buffet, AMACO insurance did business with Nairobi county, interesting today ruto aid Farouk Kibet was seen in court, they cant afford to seen Sonko out of the governorship… i hear he was carrying two briefcase… your bet is just as good as mine…

You are ignorant.

RUTO Ni Mwizi mkubwa

Ninja instead of being bitter present ur case in court, even you are a thief at one point of ur life, magnitude doesn’t matter thief is a thief am also a thief so wat

It is in the public domain that all Ruto-leaning guys are being persecuted… and that it is also not in doubt that Sonko and his co-accused are also not innocent, and so are the Kieleweke-leaning thugs… for now the power leans towards Kieleweke and therefore all supporters of WSR will have to pay for their sins… FACT!

Ruto sio mwizi!! Hiyo ni njama tu ya kufanya tusiweke ile ahadi tulimpatia wakati alikuwa na mtu wetu matesoni huko ICC! Am for finishing the journey with Ruto. Hakuna haja tudanganyane hapo.

Uhuru will finish thugs on ruto’s side and when ruto takes power he will finish thugs on the other side. They are all thugs including the two, and no1 is the biggest thief

Kwani when did we get to know that the two were thugs that now we want to use it against them! We knew it even when we were linning up for the third time to vote for them in one “erection”… Wakenya tunapenda sana kujidanganya, halafu baadaye tunajaribu kudanganya wengine…

Who doesn’t know the wealth of kenyatta family, moi’s family, ruto, sonko and the like is not from their sweat. A product of manipulation of the system using their political power. And the same to those who will contest in 2022

We have also seen Mutula Kilonzo Jr. Wasemaje msenge?

sonkoste wetu amekuwa betrayed na konyangi 1